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Welcome to my place on the web. This site started as part of  home based pet product business but Petlane went out of business 3-1-2011.  Still keeping up on current events via Twitter & LinkedIn phasing out of facebook as /petlaneartois..."petlan e' Artois" (artwa) has becom internationally known.  Come on in, take your shoes off and let your feet bark.  Thanks for stopping by. The Picasso was was stolen but the VanGogh & the Rembrandt  continue on (thanks for updating - seems gliders not available right now,maybe the wingman might know something or is it the ending of AOL's IM/instant messenger application program (aka AIM)??, will  Skype's IM or Yahoo's (aka Y!M) now upgrade to ICE IM  applications be better?).  A bit like life itself, this is a continuous work in progress.  I will be updating and fine tuning it as things happen or come about.  Check back often to get the latest tidbits and morsels of news and pictures at Edna's Petlane   Artois.  Just as in life in general at this mysite you start at the bottom and work your way to the top (even the fortunate by birth seemingly  do work to stay there).  Then continue to work to maintain, keep and grow what you have achieved.  

**NOTICE** -  Please try to disregard possible unpleasant/questionable content of banners and/or pop-ups that are controlled by mysite.com; this was not happening when I started this project in 09/07.   We are currently experiencing technical difficulties making it very hard to update our site - please bear with us. Think I discovered the problem - a needle in a haystack, so it might take a bit of time to fix. I've had thoughts of scraping the whole site and starting from scratch.  Eureka! I found it after about 7 months of searching. 

Welcome, welcome to my "perpetual" edna's Petlane  artois where "your success is my success" an informal get-together with a purpose where you can come in, have a seat, take your shoes off and let your feet bark.  Thanks for dropping in and drop by again sometime - don't forget feedback welcome!.  This is an extension of my www.petlane.com/artois which is where you can find petparenting advice from our on staff veterinarian, order all of our Petlane products 24/7 (through my Petlane Distributor #100727) and have them shipped directly to your door and find out about the extrodinairy Petlane business opportunity.  On this mysite I am trying NOT to duplicate (why re-invent the wheel) what my main web portal website has to offer, just expand and back up what corporate has expertly provided and do a bit of soapboxing.  Just a place to highlight the really fun/good stuff, let you know what's going on in my tiny corner of the world, put some things into more laymens terms, a sales tool (see 5 "S's"  below in dark green), let you see how easy it can be to be self employed, provide answers to questions asked or things discussed at a in person Petlane  informal get-together and show you how Petlane artois can enhance your life.   

My main Petlane website has the advanced technology to make it one of the most secure websites for internet purchasing.  If you're unfamiliar or hesitant about making purchases from an electronic catalogue on the internet, over the telephone, by facimile, or by printed post mail catalogue; it has been suggested  to me that you reserve one credit card or debit bank card excusively for this use.  Use a card that you can monitor closely using online internet banking or has a telephone number to call to check current charges, this way you can immediately stop unauthorized usage.  Of course paying by a hand written bank check directly to me your Petlane distributor is sufficient too.  Corporate Petlane surprised us petlane advisors at the first of the year, we now have the ability of accepting credit cards or debit bank cards directly ourselves during personal home shopping experiences - see all the details below. 

Concerned about having packages delivered to your home due to privacy or security reasons? Not home to be able to accept delivery- especially if a signature is needed?  Don't like packages left outside your door for too long?  Your employer doesn't allow any type personal deliveries, not convenient or just not feasible?  There are several businesses that can help - try places like Mail City, the UPS Store, Postnet, Mail Boxes Etc or - which ever one  happens to be in your neighborhood or in your regular shopping area.  Most private mail receiving and forwarding businesses like these will accept, hold and sign for packages.  Many will not charge if you have one of their inexpensive mail box rental with them, and they have extended hours too.  Petlane uses UPS for most all our deliveries from our warehouse direct to you, or your personal Petlane distributor/advisor can deliver them personally...unless you prefer to pick up at either place.  I have very good service with these businesses, great too if your on an extended stay away from home. Many also have copying services, office supplies, postage, sometimes an internet connection and more.  Brand new product out there for us home delivery shoppers!!  It's called the package-park delivery system, a locked and secured bag that the delivery person can put your box or package in.  This makes home delivery soooo much easier and worry free.

Here you will find tidbits of helpful information, lots more pet pictures, favorite website, books and who know what all as we go along.  We hope to continually update and add things....just like Petlane is alway bringing in more new and exciting products.  On my contact page I've provided the information you need to contact me directly. To ensure you place your order through me so I can be your Petlane Representative you will need my Petlane Distribution license #100727.  If you mistakenly place your order with another distributor or with Petlane corporate headquarters I will not know about you and your pets specific needs to give both of you quality customer service.

As I went thru this website trying to correct errors and add various things while trying not to repeat myself too much.  Boy has time flown by, I realized that there are so many product items not listed herebut have always been at the electronic store catalogue.  Petlane corp. and edna's Petlane artois has grown constantly while expanding it's capability to reach potential customers and new business owners.  Adding quite a few new products, services and information for more types of small pets and of course taken away a couple of product items, that it would be impossible to list them all.  Great to have my main website electronics store (plus this mysite that I use to personalize, market and advertise my edna's Petlane artois business) that we pay a small amount for on a monthly basis (see specials page) for your shopping experience at http://www.Petlane.com/Artois as part of an overall business plan and business overhead expense.

What's new at corporate PETLANE - The "To Your Door Pet Store"?





Well, very bad news.  NO more Petlane products at all.  Very sad day for me and my pets as this was an excellent income opportunity with high quality products.   

The Calif. state use/sales tax was signed into law.  This only affects internet only sales or ".com" only type businesses which Petlane was NOT.  They now must pay sales tax on sales just as all other on main street with a building open to customers.  This law would not have changed anything at Petlane as our electronic store already collected the tax at the point of sale just as Petlane sales reps/advisors collected them in person at get togethers whether they used the printed paper catalogue or electronic version when accepting checks, cash or credit card and forwarding the entire sales amount to Petlane's corporate offices (then we received our commission paper checks in the post mail).  Still no word on the bulk mailing postage proposed law which will affect all business and large mailings by anyone. 

Uh, Oh...life has happened.  Our deepest sympathies and condolences to Lane, tara and entire families our thoughts are with you at this time and frequently other wise. 

Did you read or hear about the new proposed Calif. state  use tax/sales tax law for online shopping and conducting business using the internet being talked about in congress?  More than one state has  already put this type of law into affect in past several years in the USA.  This of course is one more reason some companies leave a location altogether or just incorporate or warehouse (everyone knows how very expensive this can be in Calif.) and ship in other places.  There is also the already in effect federal ( don't know if this applies to international) law regarding paying for large bulk internet mailings similair to postage stamps on computer mail (we've heard about this one for all mail sent out off and on for years-even private mail).  I have not heard if this particular law applies only to bulk mailing companies singularly or any company that sends out advertisement/promotional mail using the internet. This will affect many businesses with an increase in the general cost of doing business, especially those similiar to parts of Petlane and it's current business plan and daily operation of conducting business...waiting and seeing still.   . 

Hmmnnn, maybe? possibly??  Could it be that Petlane is having growing pains, fixing major computer problems, serious housecleaning, a buy/sell situation, bankruptcy or a business re-organization with the recent elimination via firing/lay-off of outside sales (my position) and possibly other company employees too as a basic standard business procedure???  Do we dare hope to dream that Pet Lane International may some day become a reality even if by another name or ownership??  Will an outside sales force (with the financial opportunity that goes with it) be needed or not?  Let's hope the exclusive quality products will be available and everyone can still be a customer at least.  Will have to wait and see for the time being as of  March 19, 2011.  Will we get new .....com/ "names" and ID license numbers if the comapny continues?.      

OH MY! VERY sad news!!  Petlane corporate home office has just announced to it's independent sales force that it will be closing it's doors after 7 years in business due to the downturn in the economy on 2-28-11!! 

There is a new Petlane Advisor contract now.  This is the second change since I became a Petlane Advisor due to changes in the market place in general plus the mass use of multi-forms of internet styles and hardware available today (intenet changes by the day now it seems).  No one can use the word Petlane after the forward slash (/...) as part of your name or an extension of on other websites (false duplicates, etc..not sure what) or use the  Petlane  name to sell other merchandies (guess there's been false advertising, or theft happening).  These changes in contract are to protect real Petlane customers and the perPETual sales of independent Petlane business owners.  Can you imagine a Petlane imposter and the troubles it could cause?  This could certainly make a damper in sales. How wonderful in some way that us REAL Petlane business owners with license numbers (Ialso have a local city business permit-see pictures page) who paid REAL money to be impersonated and impostered.  We must be a great bunch of people with even better products and marketing plan....Thanks all of you at corporate home office.   

New "walk-you-through" training cue cards for new PAWty format are available. Just in time to add to the new custom Petlane logo tablecloths  that became available a couple of weeks ago for the holiday season now upon us for the next couple of months.  Now Petlane's NEW Pet Advisor training manual is available in the back office.  It's currently a work-in-progress and always available like so many things in the back office.  This is kind of nice for us PA's to be able to make suggestions to make Petlane the best home based business available today.    

Petlane is ...."FREE"  product for hosting, "FUN"  presentation for pet lovers, "GREAT"  career opportunities .  New once a month motivational call with motovational speaker guru JulieAnneJones on Thursdays at 5:30 pm pacific time, see latest mail for details Hope this is in addition to our own Tara's pep talk training calls  we enjoy so much on Mondays.....or maybe there is a special surprise coming in the works??. 

Reduction in shipping cost for $10.00 to $20.00 range, great for those quick individual drop ship orders off the world wide web electronic catalogue!  Better commission pay out to us Petlane independent business owners on food items - yippee!!! 

Dr. Laura Pasten, DVM and Laurie DeSeguirant, VP of product development have been really busy !!  Thye're already starting on next years suprise exclusive patented products a year in advance which is standard in retail sales ! Petlane corporate has 3 brand new replenisher type exclusive patented products!!  There's pure delight peanut butter cookie item#5054, pure delight beef with flax cookies item#5057 -  (I'm a big fan of flax) and golden care healthy hip and joint time released supplement item#6000.  Pet food and replenshier products have a 5% discount for month after month auto-ship (auto charged to your credit/debit or credit card) which can be modified or cancelled at any time. You can even add "one-time-orders" and get the 5% discount too - can't loose on this!. 

This year Petlane corporate has added a share button on our repeating websites at Tara's blog area, so now we, I and you can with a click of a button can share http://www.Petlane.com/Artois which is where my electronic catalogue is for your web shopping convenience since your already on the internet, plus there's Tara's blog and so much more.  

Prepping for  PETLANE's annual convention of 2010.  New 2011 catalogues have arrived!!  New items carried by Petlane was unveiled at Aug conference!  More exclusive patented products introduced - this ones not a toy but a supplement and two treat cookie flavours.  2011 catalogues are terrif again, glossy print, lots of good pictures, the great (my favorite part) key codes to aide in decision making ingredient & materials listed, cross reference guide for multi use product for many pets (another favorite section) because Petlane is for more than just cats/dogs/birds and more info all on recycled paper again.  Even have new order forms/wish list combo that can easily be phone mailed/faxed to purchase your order. 

Our CEO founder Lane hosts her own "Million Dollar Monday" teleconference call about every 4 to 6 weeks.  It's one teleconference we Petlane r's all look forward to hearing as it's so great to be able to listening to the founder of the company we work with - not something you find in many companies home based or not.   This keeps our enthusiasm and the momentum going in addition to all the other great things we find out on our weekly teleconference calls.  Where does she find the time away from creating the latest Petlane exclusive patented toy or item?  She does have help in the actual making of the toys don't forget.  

Tara's been reporting, keeping track of and watching out for all of us on all the terrible recalls in the animal and pet world.  She's been posting them on facbook and twitter saving us PETLANER's and Petlane advisors much time.  Have you gotten a "thinking about it" informational packet yet ?- whether your host or hostess of your own get together?  Lot's more daily usefull information on the main site http://www.Petlane.com/artois 's blog, petparent info area and electronic shopping too! 

Petlane's very own Dr. Laura Pasten DVM is well known veterinarian, check out her bio http://www.Petlane.com/artois  in the about the founder section.  She's had some very famous clients we can be proud of, plus being very active on more than one board for animal related organizations.  This sure keeps her very busy, updated and involved in the animal world.  This is how we can rest assured Petlane's pet foods and toys are the healthy and safe for our furried and feathered family memebers.  Several Petlane advisors have some very famous furried and feathered clients as current customers too . 

Petlane's A,B,C's Scavenger Hunt of finding leads, contacts and potential product customers or both for us advisors.  Reminds me a bit of a combination of the road trip game of eye-spy or the around town scavenger hunt, which you can take on your travels too.  Take along your printed catalogues, business cards, Petlane's customer care forms and a notepad (electronic or not) exchange businesss cards or give yours to an individual get the name, contact info and what kind of pet they may have.  Make sure you follow up at a convient time, as the person may have had his/her mind elsewhere or on something else at the initial contact.  Thank you corporate for listening to us Petlane Advisors (PA's).  Having a built in lead generator raises the bar and sets new standards for the H.B.B. and direct sales industry!!.  Another conversation starter is asking "Do you have a pet?  Thinking of getting a pet, do you care about pets?  Have you heard about Petlane products and income opportunity"    .    

Petlane corp. just got back from the pet biz expo. Can't wait to see what they found to add to Petlane's product line. Petlane does not create and patent all it's products.  Biz expo's are the granddaddy of all shopping trips.  Way better than any trip to the mall, you learn alot and miles of available products, and persons in the know to see and get new information from.  Usually takes several days and still don't see all of it. 

 Tara's asking : What is the most unusual place you have ever met a prospective Petlane advisor or customer?  Then I asked : What is the best or coolest "ringtone" for a Petlane advisor?  Has anyone had a dream about Petlane ?  Will CEO & founder Lane turn this into a fun little contest for our annual convention or something even better?  Who cares right, just a little fun with Petlane .

First ever Petlane training video titled Petlane University ! An entire get-together from start to finish using all the marketing resource tools in our business kit and more!  Even senior team leaders have learned a little something, while us starters learned quite a lot, just like being there and learning from the pro's.  Sorry only available for us business owners - not for customer sales. 

New catalogues have arrived!  It took me almost a week to put it down after I got them in.  Lots of great information and new exclusive patented Petlane toys.  Printed on recycled paper this year!  Lots of new stuff which you can see right now on edna's Petlane artois by clicking on www.petlane.com/artois and go to the shopping tab.  Corporate also has some extra business kits to add to your present one, they come in 3 sizes and prices.  A great way to beef up your presentation get-togethers with more products to show.....and get paid your sales commission on the purchase of the kit. 

Have you checked out Tara's blog at www.petlane.com/artois , lots of great info.   She even beat me to the keyboard on the patron saints for animals. There has been sooooo many new Petlane business kit purchases  - they've been flying out the door - that Petlane corporate actually ran out of catalogues.   No point in re-ordering the old catalogs as the exciting new ones will be ready in about a month..  Talk about exciting, fun, helping yourself & others and pets while making money!  Can't be beat, even if you don't have a pet of your own right now.  Join in on the fun and have a trunk (takes a trunk to carry all the toys, food samples, treats, bones & more) get-togethers with a cause.

Just got mail from corporate with the flyers for the current promo's.  They're on the "specials" page.  So make sure you give it a quick look.  Corporate Petlane has also updated our business advisor contract, so check that out for minor positive changes.  Got a 30 day extension on one of our specials!

Corporate Petlane has put out a casting call to all us distributor/advisors.  Yes, they are in the middle of  creating a web oriented product especially for online sales.  Just another avenue to market and advertise your business.  Your precious pet enjoying a Petlane exclusive product is requested, let your bundle of joy shine!  Now you won't be missing out when you can't be there in person, and we all know that the web is here to stay regarding shopping.  Which is one of the reasons why edna's Petlane artois created this site to begin with.    

To make our lives easier Petlane corporate keeps all our teleconferences available for 30 days via telephone after the original teleconference call.  This is in addition to having them permanently by back office computer download.  We have all our training and marketing material always at hand in the back office.  Not to mention someone by phone when we need it too!

Cats out of the bag now.....it's on my special page.  . 

Tara's got a secret!!  V.P. at corporate, Tara phoned to let me in on the big news (lucky me).  All she would tell me is that corporate Petlane has some exciting new changes in our compensation plan coming in 2009.  We've got one of the best financial compensation plans in the direct marketing industry right now and they're going to make it even better for us!!  It will be announced to us advisors on our first teleconference call in January, you don't want to miss this call.  Most likely is will be put on my main website http://www.Petlane.com/artois for everyone else to see in the coming weeks, but don't wait just give me a call. Of course everyone at corporate is very busy filling last minute orders to be shipped and tending to many end of year details in the office.

Petlane has come out with new and improved holistic pet food.  We now have pure woof gold and pure purr gold.  In a lengthy study it was found that many felines preferred diamond shaped kibble, so Petlane made the change....who knew?  You can get all our pet food and many of the treats and snacks on our "perpetual" plan that gives you an extra percentage regular discount of 5% (unless on sale, then you get more savings)?  You'll never have to run out.  Just set up a pre-scheduled order, pay and delivery plan.  It's best if a credit card is used so you don't have to even think about it.  You can also change your schedule at any time just by giving me a call.  Your pet will adore you even more for it.....no more running out late at night or making a special trip after you've gotten home. 

Guess what? Petlane even has gifts for the people in your life that adore animals/are protectors.  You should see the outdoor topairy's and lighted wire statues or collectable figurines of your favorite dog breed!  Most of these items are in the online catologue only at this time.  You can find these and more cute stuff under "shop by category" then go to dog, cat or.....

WE are in the process of getting new internet web portals!  The most innovative and up to date internet technology, including security features for our infomational and financial transactions!  Corporate Petlane has let us know that it may take a bit of time to work out the bugs completely, but have trained technicians working around the clock.  Even if you don't see the picture of my petlanekids or my personal message (seems this was done away with) on the front page, it's still my page.   Check the name on the front top right hand of the page or on to "host a informal get-together" page there is my name and number.  Corporate  Petlane/my main website keeps track of everything for me (including a tax record keeper), so I just check the spreadsheets.  During this time there is still the ability to properly credit purchases and leads to the correct individual Petlane advisors using internal computer cookies (thus getting credit for sales leads and income).  It's wonderful to see the income made by Petlane corporate being re-invested into itself to make us the top direct sales pet business available today.  Another terrific thing about Petlane corporate is that all it's officer's are actually available, not something you readily find in the big corporate world.  My direct sponsor has had more than one in office sit down meeting and been to the home of CEO/president, Lane  and the other corporate officers.  I have spoken and correspondended with more than once with V.P. Tara.  Of course we all get to meet and talk at our annual gala convention.

*****  Place your presidential vote!  *****  Petlane Corporate has come out with two NEW items:  Cast your pets vote by purchasing our new peanut butter and honey cookie dog treats made with low fat and organic ingredients.  Item #5008-1 donkey shape and item #5008-2 elephant shape at $8.99 per 6oz bag. Corporate intends to keep track and report it to the news and probably various polling and survey takers.  Let your petkids have a vote!!  No donkey or elephants were harmed during the production of this product.   Smile     Don't miss out on this, what fun!  See our special's page for details as well as the Grapevine page for water cooler/hood polishing information. These might be a collector's item if they stop making them after the Nov. '08 election.  These are still in stock and readily available! Not anymore, items have been discontinued! 

Uh Oh, Discontinued Items: The following items are no longer available because they were not big sellers or the market changed, or something better came along.  There used to be a list here , but it was getting long as we've been around for a bit. Just give me a quick call or check the electronic catalogue.  Sometime a product is in big demand, so it may only be temporarily out of stock.  We have all the details in our back office, update regularly by corporate Petlane home office. 

**Sale**!! Petlane coporate is starting the new year 2008 off with a bang.  Corporate has put the start up business kit on sale at $199.00 and is continuing their new pup start up sales program so you can get a rebate, so it's actually free.  Just think you could be self-employed with a great corporation supporting you for FREE.  Seeems all of us are getting a new pup advisor (PA) training/sales binder this year that probably has lots of new information??  The suprise is in the mail.  More details below - hidden in Petlane as an incredible business opportunity text in orange, or just give me a call.  We also have weekly phone conferences and back office extranet within our web portal that comes with the start up business kit.  We can also chime in by phone every monday evening to national confernece call weekly to get the latest info. and idea's on products, sales/marketing, or business including a question and answer session. There is a 30 minute new pup training and then a 60 minute pet advisor call only for the cost of a phone call. We listen and talk with Laura our veterinarian, Lane, Laurie, Tara, Crystal, Sharon, advanced PA manager's and special guest speakers sometimes. You can even be a guest chime in caller before committing - just ask your nearest PA for the needed info. These teleconferences are available for thirty days in audio format. If that doesn't fit your schedule we have it in our back office extranet to download at any time and save for future use and review - a whole library of incredible information at your fingertips to help you succeed and grow your own Petlane buisness. We're always connected and someone is just a phone call away for help whether it be the main corporate office, another team member or your sponsor.  Call and ask how to get your business kit for under $100.00 .   Check out our Rocket Start special!!!

Petlane Corporate has partnered with Pro-Pay.  Now as Petlane advisors we have the option of being able to accept credit cards at our casual informal get-together for one or more.  All we have to do is sign-up via our back office.  This is independent of ordering via credit card on the internet on your own.  This is as an individual business owner for home demonstration or catalogue parties.  This will make large orders more convenient for our customers, or if they're out of town and want to order by phone.  The perfect thing to have at farmers markets, flea markets swap meets, biz expo's and openhouses or any time.  Just another way to make our customers lives and the lives of their pets more efficient and simplier in this chaotic and stressful world. 

Not only do I as an independent Petlane distributor try to make my customers happy. Petlane corporate itself offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products.  Just contact their customer service department or myself with any problems.  Did you also realize that corporate Petlane has a  Campanion Animal Bill of Rights as well?  There are have thirteen of them. All listed on my main http://www.Petlane.com/artois  website.

I'm going to leave the busy December shipping schedule up for your future reference.  This way it will be in the same spot for next year with any date corrections.  Corporate Petlane's office will be closed from 12/24/10 through 01/03/2011 for the holidays, inventory, cleaning, misc. year-end work. The warehouse is only closed a day at a time for a couple of other major federal holidays the rest of the year.  So just add an additional day for shipping.

HOLIDAY SHIPPING SCHEDULE for 2018:  It normally takes about 4 business days for non holiday shipping as the Petlane---any dropship --- warehouse needs 3 business day to pack and ship products.  With the increase business during the holidays please allow extra time.  I've made some guest-a-ments for you: 

 For 2018 most shipping zones for November is Friday the 16th is the last UPS pick-up date, as the Petlane---any dropship--- warehouse is closed Thursday November 22nd and Friday November 23rd.  Next ship out date is November 26th, following Monday.  This is the time to order if you are planning to forward ship over seas at additional cost by you as Petlane only ships within the continental USA (see above for more information).  All addresses going out of the USA, especially to military need to be sent by November 8th, 2018 for pre-holiday delivery to troups if using US postal mail. (some UPS stores offer free shipping on some sizes of packages to troups, so ask)

The last pick up day at Petlane (or most drop-ship/internet/catalogue sales)by UPS is December 17th (Monday) for December 24th delivery due to the weekend.  If a expedited delivery is needed please call me for availability and extra shipping price.  Suggested ordering deadlines for early arrival so PA's can get products to customers are:

Eastern United States is midnight, Thursday December 6th, 2018 (7th, pearl Harbor Day)

Mid United States is midnight, Monday December 10th,2018

Western United States is midnight, Friday December 14th, 2018

United State Post Office mail schedule:

Dec. 05th,2018 for priority international mail

Dec. 13th,2018 for priority express international mail

Dec. 17th, 2018 forglobal express guaranteed  & 1st class mail

Dec. 21st, 2018 for priority overnight mail

Dec. 22nd ,2018 for priority express mail (same day in some instances)

Of course mailing any packages to any military personnel should be done prior to thanksgiving in November.  This year of 2018 FedEx is providing Sunday delivery through out the holiday season.  A very very special Thanksgiving in 2013 as it is the same day that Chanukka (the festival of lights and daily small offerings including presents) begins at midnight of the 27th, 2013 see grapevine page for more info on this.    In addition to 2017  https://www.UPS.com/media/news/en/UPS_PeakSeason.pdf  ,  https://www.USPS.com/holiday-shipping-dates.htm  with all sorts of special deal at times and military ship to  info, shipping dates for military enlisted personnel,   https://www.military.com/spouse/military-deployment/military-care-packages/holiday-mailing-guidelines.html  and via united states postsal service  USPS only special instructions -   https://www.military.com/benefits/shipping-packages-military-guide.html

There is still plenty of time for you and your pet to have a PETLANE holiday by placing your order at  http://www.petlane.com/artois  or by contacting me.


Petlane is in constant motion looking for and getting products into the Petlane approval process which takes about a year. The new glossy printed and electronic catalogue has many new products that do double and triple duty. We now have products that your BUNNY, FERRET, GUINEA PIG or (?) might enjoy. Take a look and let me know if your special pet maybe not listed enjoys one of our Petlane products - be creative, as you know your pet best and be sure to let me know and maybe we can get it into our catalogues and website to help others. I've gotten several of my all times favorites in my house, or a new and improved version that does the same thing into this years catalogue - see below. I am just tickled to know that our corporate office really listen and act on what we Petlane Advisors suggest. Many times a product can be designed for a DOG, CAT or BIRD, but work terrifically for other animals - see MIRAGE info below. Tara (she is the lucky corporate officer who gets to go to all the pet product conventions/shows - she has one on the calander for Feb. 09 and shop!)has been been looking hard for a new innovative toenail trimmer, an auto-temperature traveling crate and a pet insurance carrier that has the best quality at a reasonable price. Of course as is standard with Petlane, if a reasonable priced of a high quality product cannot be found or does not pass the Petlane muster test, it's to the drawing board and patent office to create Petlane's own personal product for our customers. This of course takes money, time and work behind the scenes. There will also be some electronic catalogue only products coming soon.  Petlane's inventory has just about doubled in the last year.  The goal is to bring you a higher quality of product at a reasonable price with unbeatable personalized service to our direct sales customer.  Something you won't find in most retail outlets.  Have you seen the new websites? We've also had many changes in our back office capabilities the past couple of months. All very progressive and exciting as Petlane advisors/individual business owners.

I love our pet friendly cleaners: Floor Kleen item#3120; Toilet Kleener item#3100; Surface Cleaner item#7030: and Kong Brush Cleaners item#'s 3115-1 & 3115-2---double darn, gone now; Aviary Clean item#9024; Pet Laundry Soap item#3100; X-tract Cleaner item#1002; Ice Melt item#3102

Petlane has more than dog items, which is why it's so great! Cats, birds, ferrets too.  Made for cats but great for small dogs and moreis the Kitty Chianti item#8031 or Kitty Calisthenics item#8024, Cat Fish item#8015.

You can also share a snack with you dog with our Cheese Please item#5055---gone now or Canine Crunch item#5048 we also have more treats, but they are not as palatable for us humans; Cookie yums item #5058; Muttz-RRR-ella sticks item#5066; Doggie Dance luv bites tiem#5059,  Liver Biscotti item#5020 (big favorite), Purr-Fish item#7033, George Cat Treats item#7000, Holistic Cats Treats item#7005, Millet Log item#9014, Cuttlebone & Calcium Pearch item#9016, Busy Beak Bubble & Bee Pollen item#9026. Or you can make fresh home-baked treats yourself with our cookbooks item #'s 507, 9011, 0107, 0109. Plus many more tasty snacks and treats.

Petlane has several items that are only available from our electronic catalogue at  www.Petlane.com/artois .  Or by contacting me direct.  There is something always on sale too!  If your local Petlane advisor knows what your favorite items are, we can make sure you know when there's a special or sale on them so you and your pet get the best deals in town.  Have you filled out one of our customer care form cards yet?!

Did you know that Petlane's pure woof gold holistic (puppy, adult(3 sizes), & senior weight management in 2 size quantities) and pure purr gold holistic (2 size quantites) pet foods have a shelf life of approximately 18 months and made in the USA?  Did you know that Petlane's "wellness for life" holistic pet foods were NOT involved in that horrible recall of 2007?  You can get all our treats, snacks and food on our bottomless bag auto-ship program (perpetual) so you'll never run out your treasured pets food plus get an extra 5% discount on perPETual auto-shipments.  It only cost $0.10 per pound of ship weight to deliver right to your door.  I know this might sound expensive but when you consider all the costs and you invaluable time, your a head in the long run.  Petlane has upgraded their pet foods to holistic "wellnes for life" blend and has changed the shape of the feline food, seems the kitties like this new shape better.

Our Petlane annual convention is set for third week of August this year.  What a bash we will have, almost like a extended family reunion.  Fun to meet all the other advisors and office staff we have met via the telephone from all over the country. We also get to see all the new products for the upcoming printed catalogue and purchase them at a convention discount so that we will be able to show all of you. The new 2010 printed catalogue will be available in mid September for us to purchase and get to you. WOW, the new printed catalogue turned out terrific!! As I have learned from experience (and many of you have) that some products can be used for more than one types of pet. Our new printed catalogue has an entire page devoted to cross referencing Petlane's products for multi pet households. At the convention us Petlane Advisor's set a goal and voted to make Petlane a household name for 2008-2009....did we succeed?  We'll find out and set new goals for 2010. 

Petlane was orignially founded in 2004 in the garage of CEO & founder Lane Nemeth.  It began as a traditional direct sales party plan but has now branched out into so much more.  If you care about pets, then Petlane can be for you.  Either as a customer or independent pet consultant advisor with several levels of residual income.

Make sure you look for PETLANE sales items, including the business start-up kit

I especially love the durability of PETLANE's toys.  Some have been tested and approved by a Bengal tigers; some are water friendly and/or float too!  There dozen of toys, treats, cleaning and care products for dogs, cats, birds and more! One of my personally suggested items and a big favorite is item#2053, Calming CD - great for new arrivals, during storms, etc...

Have you read Petlane's Animal Pet Care "BILL OF RIGHTS"?

Have you investigated the Fantabulous Petlane opportunity?  Not a salesperson you think? This is a great way to network, gain valued skills and stay sharp.  It may even lead you that "day job" you've been needing.  If you like animals - you can enjoy Petlane and all it has to offer.  Being an independent distributor with no employees is much easier than you think.  Even if it's only for  a tax benefit or charitable involvement is all you want.  Petlaneis something the whole household can participate in - start a college education savings fund maybe?  Animals and are such positive forces in so many people lives.  They are such terrific listeners to tell your troubles to and give sooooo much to us and the world!

Read my Soapboxing & Squawkboxing, look at some of my pictures, check out more of the "whole ball of wax" at: Http://www.petlane.com/artois my secure website, where you can purchase it all - even the biz. itself.  Still got questions just give a call or send mail! 

PETLANE is the "To Your Door Pet Store" incredible business opportunity

The sales/use tax was signed into law in the state of Calif.  Now all internet only or ".com" type businesses via web electronic stores and catalogues have a sales tax charge at the point of sale just as if you had a store on main street.  This will change business on the internet and ".com" businesses in Calif for ever at least in Calif as this has been a hotly debated issue for years.    

Latest trend....not going to college and obtaining debt from school college loans but becoming an entreprenuer or doing both.  Due to the current severe economic downturn and job market scarcity it seems.  Many people have 4 year degrees and cannot obtain employment anyway. 

Newest and hottest money making trend? Once again it's the home based businesses in general right now (oct 2010).   Consider it the "home concierge's" lifestyle for everyone at home - YES there are regular business service hours here too. It's really the way self-employed, spouses of entrepenuers, spouses of high level executives or workaholics in general who refuse to slow down have been socializing since day one.  Now fortunate  "stay at home mom's" and "stay at home mr. mom's" are joining in the game.  Many used their local hang-out, local gym/sports center or the country club.  These are the people who turn their hobbies into money making ventures.  Keep themselves busy as they are not normally couch potato's.  Are you making Petlane your choice?  Give a call or stop by http://www.Petlane.com/Artois as you can order your business kit electronically or just be a customer, just too simple (oh I know I've heard it soooo many times "I don't want to be self-employed"-it's the math & paperwork I guess) , so give it a try.

Have you thought of combining a Petlane business and a career in house/pet sitting or property caretaking?  What a great way to meet new people, assist on one type of job, create  extra income (financial compensations varies) while improving your resume or professional career and increasing your list of skills or finding  new talents?  Having the electronic catalogue and repeating website capability really makes this wonderful and easy!!  Stop by mine at http://www.Petlane.com/Artois ! Then the checque's in the post mail.  In this economy bringing an income opportunity for others (friend you haven't met just yet) would be much welcome I would think in a new location, plus an ice-breaker for conversation in an industry where confidentiality and discernment can be mandatory or essential for success.. 

There are sooo many great places to get personalized marketing material galore these days.  Some people might even have the talent and skill to create their own highlighting their own  /??? along with the petlane logo and your own pampered pets...buying the license allows this.  In fact there's a half off special this month for business cards for the upcoming holidays, via corp. home office...I juts got the computer mail for the link.  

The new relaxed hang out on the floor with friends and Petlane products - more of a pet play time tham a stuffy lecture is the new get-together format....has someone at corporate been listening to it's Petlane advisors again?.  Solves the petrified of public speaking with people staring at you issue, or memorizing so much wonderful and usefull information that you get all mixed up or forget the best part, and no pressure forced to purchase atmosphere of many sales businesses that most people are tired of.  Thank you Petlane corporate home office!  Just in time for the holiday season '10, great way to destress during the hectic days, don't forget to bring a picture of your pets to swap stories, bring questions about trouble areas to hopefully solve, have a light snack or build your own ??? food bar...decorate cupcakes/cookies and have a contest (nerf indoor sports) for a small prize, mini ice-cream sundae's,, mingle and say hello to other guests, win raffle prizes, take a treat sample home for your pet, and book your own date to host/hostess a real life get-together at your place using our booking tree idea with your own real life guest and ask them to bring a  real life friend.  The more people that can attend is the more people that get to know about Petlane it's products and income opportunity and sales for you.  Don't forget this will help get your host/hostess a quality pet bed which is critical for good pet health for half -that's 50% off.. 

Having several exclusive patented replenisher type products gives automatic repeat sales and residual income meaning a steady income from loyal customer all qualifying for a 5% discount each time they're shipped.  Then add one time sales of toys, both can create a more secure financial future even in a recession than other types of businesses. 

From what I have read most entrepenuer's have a  "think on your feet" trait, a bit like being able to walk, talk and chew gum at the same time ability.  

A great up-to-date modern description of Petlane is a in-home micro franchise.  With your own webpage with an electronic catalogue store, paper catalogues, company marketing marketing materials (brochures, banner, business cards) for direct sales advertising and NO employees just your downline team of independent business owners to mentor and coach as they need it.  This makes the business owner a micro business according to tax categories.  VERY easy to do part time while keeping your regular day job career or to pack along as you travel.  I've known many who used a H.B.B. for educational and training purposes. 

Even though Petlane does not require us Petlane advisors to keep any inventory, it's great when you have some product on hand for possible instant sale.  Yes, we have our demo (demonstration) models of products to show or a beefed up business kit.  If you have the perishables like food and treats for personal use (I keep mine in the frig for freshness)...one your using and one un-opened ready to go.  A great way to spoil your pets by having your own pet store at home.  Having at in home mini-franchise makes you the money. 

Isn't it toooo fantastic that every time you feed your dog or cat it's meals, give them a treat your making money for yourself?  Same goes for when you do some house cleaning or give your pets a toy to play with your your making money again!  Even giving a pet person a gift you can be making money.  Many of your phone calls to friends, family or anyone becomes the potential to become a money making opportunity for you and them at any time.  Petlane is the "To Your Door Pet Store" either via UPS (about 95% of the time at this writing) or by personal delivery. 

Some idea's for having a get-together if your residential situtation is a consideration, as some people have restrictions (dormitories/room rental, foot traffic, motorhomes, health, etc) or other members in households schedule to think about, plus not having a spotless house to worry about constantly.  Ask management at your own place or host/hostess for permission, rules, prep and be sure to clean-up.  At a residential hotel set-up a table in a corner of a lobby.  Many assisted living, senior living,  adult only planned communities have a clubhouse, community center, gym, common area or central dining visitation room.  At apartment or condo complexes an outdoor event with temperary fencing or barrier of sorts in a common area - even poolside or BBQ area. Reserve a large table or conference room at a local restuarant or motel/hotel in a non busy time period.  At you own home: a large forye (know more than one HBB'er with a very nice large front entry and closet space (toss the jackets- add shelves, small desk) sectioned it off with glass block partition, pony wall,  bookcases, armoirs for home office), portioned off front or back porch's can be turned into a home office with access for customers, small get-togethers and personal shops. Ask local civic club organizations for room rental, most are inexpensive or members can use the location for free many times.  Got lots of room add something in your garage (when I see a sliding glass door where a garage door used to be I think HBB or elder/in-law flat?)or fancy up a large pre-fab gardening utility shed (by adding insulation, electricity, etc.) that comes in a kit and- pemits may be needed.  This can make bookkeeping easier and for many a short walk puts you into the professional  business mode needed - even if in gym attire, not too mention the space separation from personal living.  I have known some that need to walk out one door circle around and come their business door.  Have just one door? A short walk around complex or block might change your mode from personal to business. Or maybe a quick coffee run to local favorite spot to see the regulars and the back to the house puts you in the professional work mode - not too mention possible sales leads and staying connected.  You could also have an open house type get-together similiar to a pet or general business expo - have you tried a farmers or flea market yet?.  Put a notice up beforehand letting everyone know the details, maybe even get into club newsletter or on bulletin board-you can do this at periodically or regular scheduled times.  In this day and age safety is alway a consideration for many, this might be an area stopping someone from having an HBB or hosting a get-together, put everyone at ease with the suggestions.  Just ask managing office staff or property owner.  Some areas might need a pedlers or special event license at city or county hall - this also gives extra advertisement for yourself also, so bring catalogues and biz cards when inquiering downtown and at event location, this could turn into a personal shop on the spot.. 

Have you ever thought of giving a H.B.B. as a gift in itself? The gift of entrepenuerialship and residual income potential can be long lasting.  A soldier returning from war (or family waiting at home), a new graduate, a new retiree (especially someone traveling), a newly single or empty nester, anyone re-couperating from illness, wreck or accident, a newlywed, something to accompany a new pet, to enhance a pet related employemnt or business, or even a housewarming gift?  Then at least become a customer to stay in touch or help them make new aquintences  with referrals while making money for them and with them.   Petlane is soooo easy work, just care about pets.  There are hundred of different types of H.B.B.'s available to make part of your every day life. H.B.B.'s are like micro cookie cutter business with each independent self-employed business owner decorating their cookie in their own way by adding your own personality, creativity and ideas within the parameters set forth in your signed contract - of course each H.B.B. is different to begin so find one that fits you.  Then show it off and tell everyone! 

When you become a signed Petlane Advisor you have access to the back office.  This is where we have our training materials (in addition to what comes in your original biz. kit), flyers we can print, camera ready typeset business cards (you or proff. printer to use), promo & campaign details, product information, out of stock list, customer information, sales data and all the latest info. from the Monday night weekly teleconference calls.  This is also where we put in the host/hostess information and place orders for catalogue get togethers, or at event hosted at your choosing.  I, like most PA's place our personal shops at regular intervals for our customers this is determined on usually the volume of personal shopping customers and their convenience (once a monthe or week?).  If you'r a online shopper already you can place an order yourself 24/7 at the online store http://ww.Petlane.com/Artois .  No price differences.  Going thru a PA personally may win you hostess/host gifts and save on a little shipping cost only.  But everything is kepted track of by the corporate home office computer server.  We have all kinds of great sales data and printable information to help us make our own Petlane business's bookkeeping and selling easier, all accessible via any internet connection.  So even on the road or visiting other places Petlane is right there using a wi-fi laptop, internet cafe', library/riends computer, or mobile PDA with internet access.  Have you seen the new mobile printers they have out now for both PDA's and laptops.

As I've been searching the web for a variety of things I noticed something.  There are thousands of elecetronic web based stores to shop at.  Very few have a printed catalogues anymore (miss my printed material).  This is one way to tell if a business might be a scam, questionable ethicals, or lacking in customer service after the purchase of web based only store.  Over the past couple of years I've had countless phone calls of people attempting to sell me something.  I always ask them to send me printed material ( a brochure at least) in the post mail.  Nine times out of ten, nothing shows up.  Plus half the time the website leaves you wondering about many things, go to web address given and nothing is there -bad address or out of business already, or no correct return contact information (or if there is no one contacts you).  Petlane is not like that AT ALL.  This is what makes a profitable business stand the test of time while growing to meet customer needs. 

Read a great reminder that I've been using all my life.  The 24 hour rule - always contact, return call within 24 hours if possible or within a couple of business days at least.  Business success is about communication.  This works well for life in general too.  Seems so many these days don't bother to return calls or mail of any kind - are they really self employed?  I actually had a stranger call regarding another local business who they could not get ahold of by phone for over a week. 

Found several marketing tips that you can apply and use with Petlane as I have, and they're working.  I've paraphrased them:

1)Brand yourself (not your company) as a leader first - then the people will follow......by P.Blackett      2) Six in ten online customers or 58% start their day by checking their e-mail; 20% go straight to a search engine; 11% go to FaceBook to check in. ...in recent study by ExactTarget 

New skills=more value=increased income potential....by Troy Allen.  I have always known this, just one of the reasons I signed on with Petlane . Another way to get a continued education plus having an entrepuernurial adventure, as the whole world can be your classroom (as I was recently reminded).  I mentioned gaining valuable skills in other places on the mysite as part of what Petlane is all about.  I just took a mini quiz and I as well as CEO, Lane are leaders not bosses.  In fact I have been fortunate to work for leaders once or twice not only bosses in past years. 

One of the top concerns in sales is having fresh new leads or contacts for potential customers.  With Petlane's brand new A,B,C program to give you a conversational lead-in, approaching potential cusomers ot new Petlane Advisors is fun and much easier.  Take your business cards and printed glossy catalogues along with you.  You can exchange business cards, calling cards,  Petlane's customer care forms, notepad (electronic or not), slips of paper in emergency.  This helps you get all their contact information so you can follow up via phone and computer mail.   How many of us were told as children not to talk to strangers?  I'll have to do some research, but this could make Petlane THEE best H.B.B. available right now if no one else has this built in resource tool.  At such a low price to get started with the majority of households having at least one pet.  A win - win situation.  Happy pets, Happy people..part of Petlane's motto.   

Planning a get-togther with your host/hostess is part of what Petlane advisors do.  Help them with their guest list, suggest a theme, or not, a particular event, inside or outside depending on location and weather.  No need to stress out about a huge gathering, just pick up some snacks at the local grocery, have a deli tray made up, pick up something from your favorite eatery or pizzaria or use home delivery - make it easy on yourself.  Unless you enjoy cooking (did you get that gourmet or outdoor kitchen you've been wanting), then share your newest favorite recipe, or maybe one you haven't tried and have your guests be guinea pigs so to speak and let your guests decide, then share the recipe too.  It's your friends, family, congregation, co-workers, sports group, neighbors, crafting friends (scrapbooking is popular right now) so get what they or you enjoy snacking on.  Have the food waiting as guest come in the door before getting started on the presentation of all the wonderful Petlane products and business adventure.  Your guests can fill out a customer care form card while they wait for all the guest to arrive, this helps the Petlane advisor get to know what to highlight and to provide a more informative and interesting time while presenting our wonderful and useful Petlane products.  You can also submit question prior to arriving as a reminder for the day of the get-together, another guest may have a similiar issue or question. 

Another really great thing about Petlane whether as a new business adventure or customer....hardly no buyer remorse .  Because Petlane has such quality products, marketing, training and back-up support we can be genuine and sincere while selling with confidence. That in itself is a great thing and hard to find in many places these days-especially in a high pressure sales world (sort of an old tune, just more of it some say).  I don't know about you but so many people I talk to spend tons of their time trying to find features they want or need in a product or service for a reasonable price without feeling they've been cheated somehow.  Sometimes creating their customers anger, buyers remorse, tired or that fed up feeling after a purchase.  Then have the company not stand behind their warranty or gurantee if it even has one. 

Did you know that we have regular e-mails that go out that provide all the latest sales and helpful pet information provided by us from Petlane corporate home office? Contact your local Petlane advisor to get on their mailing list so that you never miss a great sale on any of our wonderful products, 

Latest biz trend for high level executives getting the golden handshake is expensive franchises.  Mostly in the food arena.  What's even better for if you're not willing or not able to shell out 5-6 figures?  Petlane  of course, especially if your new to management or self-employment and care about pets in general.  A home based business is considered a mini franchise and a terrific way to get started and see if you're a right fit for the jobs and gain tons of experience and skills.  There is also more allowance for personalization in a mini franchise than a regular expensive store fron main street franchise we are all so familiar seeing.  Not too mention the learning curve and mistakes that are expected to hapen are much less costly.  Very easy to start part-time while employed with a day job, then start replacing your income as you build your business, business reputation and name recognition in you local community. 

Choices, choices, choices that's Petlane ! We have so many choices in which to market or purchase petlane products! A techie -a few internet clicks away;  outgoing social butterfly - have a casual get-together in-home presentation of products with you as the host/hostess, special discounts and gifts to earn or be given; little more shy, serious, self conscious about ??, got a schedule to keep or just not a party animal - a private showing of products that you can touch and see the quality of manufacturing may be just your ticket; swamped with work, children, elder care, community service, house of worship or just a bit absent minded and forgetful ? -our perPETual replenisher autoship discount program and a valid credit or debit visa bank card will make sure you nver run out of pet food, treats & bones;  enjoy old fashioned mail that's not a bill needing to be paid - glossy colour catalogue via the post or hand delivery still works too (facsimile or phone me your order and pick payment preference). Maybe your a little bit of all of the above? Do you have downtime or slow periods in your regular profession?  Do you need some pet therapy due to your regular profession or high stress life in general? Your local licensed petlane advisor and product distibutor will be there to help get you started on a more secure financial future with residual income or put your mind at ease providing safe and healthy toys, pet food, gift ideas, treats, cleaning products and more.  Who knows what future product ideas may be coming our way from corporate.! 

As Petlane Adisor's and Distributors and in any business we purchase our printed sales catalogues, brochures, flyers, demonstration products, etc.  In order to conserve, recycle and save money many times you can show the growth, changes and improvements the company your with.  So making up a small potential business kit of your own making sure to include older printed material an added terrific sales tool - just have them clearly marked as "old, not all products currently available" or similiar labeling.  Of course follow through with a hand written note with an explanation and thank you is needed along with a follow-up phone call and a short electronic mail.  This ensure the potential new "pup advisor" or customer has all your contact information at their fingertips in the corresponding communication media - let them pick the preferred method of sales.  Many times too a potential customer wants to know where his/her money has gone or why a particular item has the prices that it has.  New product development can be costly and secretive until the patent is obtained.  Petlane is constantly creating it's own "exclusive" patented toys and products.  In fact many home based businesses start this way get a foothold with the consumer then sell to a bigger retail giant.  While leaving it's home based sales force dangling or wondering about their income; but with the sales and business training not to mention people and customer skills obtained they don't wonder long.  Time and time again I have seen a catalogue or HBB product go nationwide several years later and then become available everywhere.   So get it first with home based businesses or mail order catalogue in general.  With the same token, if you have trouble finding an item that retail stores say they have discontinued, look to printed mail order catalogue.  Corporate CEO, Lane usually does not (didn't with Discovery Toys) go this route - not that she selling anything mind you, but edna's Petlane  has serious doubts you will ever find a Petlane exclusive patented product or technology on a retail shelf.  Just another reason why Petlane is so unique and great.  So don't be in a hurry to throw out last years catalogues, might even be a collectors item some day, plus Petlane's  printed catalogues are good for a whole year - saving space and money while being so convenient.  Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up without being a nuisance to establish a friendly repor while determing a potential customers need.   

Another really great thing about Petlane no large amounts of inventory to keep and pay taxes on.  But such fun to spoil your precious pets and have as demonstration models.  Your pets will help and work at showing how long lasting and durable Petlane products are.  They'll beg for more treats and, knarly bones and nutitous kibble that you can put in some of our toys as well as regular meals. 

Every person you meet is a potential customer.  We all know the competition is stiff these days, so looking sharp and being upbeat always helps to get their initial attention.  Even if you feel like crying, maybe they've got it worse.  Sometimes even when your feeling a bit down just talking about your business with enthusiam is infectious - like yawning can be.  Be prepared to hear about their business, sports team, family or ?  In fact, one very successfull business man told me "dress like a player act like a monk - same goes for marriage (meaning, when out and about in public - or networking)" and a lady told me a long time ago about the same thing, "give men a little eye candy to oogle at" - not to wonder why she always wore a dress to show a little leg (cooler in hot weather too).  A longtime successful female country music performer just said something similiar in an interview recently, and she been self employed since the pre-womens lib. and sexual revolution #1  - and still going strong.   I guess a little eye candy (look but not touch only) works while at the same time keeping clean, sober, sharp  and on alert for opportunities or opening to plug your biz. and it's benefits.  Another reason to go shopping!  Might just lift your spirit a bit......p.s. don't over spend your budget - defeats the purpose.   Seems it doesn't hurt to throw in a "random act of kindness" now and then.   Got computer mail: this is also the standard rule/law on the strips in Reno & Vegas (and Geisha's of Asia,which are becoming extinct,part of pre-banking days) - not sure about Atlantic City, cruise ships or Monaco....thanks for the reminder.  This is called a professional behavior for professional relationships for entrepenuers in todays grey area world of mixing business with pleasure.  Sometimes hard to tell what's going on, but staying professional seems to be the standard rule of thumb, or at least mention your off or on the clock at the time depending on if the situation/location needs a little separation and clarity.  There is a difference between picking up a a date and finding a potential client, customer,  misunderstandings here could be a disaster.  Of course then again, relationships can change over time - vocal clarity helps I'm sure.  How many times did someone meet their future spouse through a professional situation?  How many times have you heard dress for success?  Entrepenuers can be responsible leaders in their communities at the local, state, national and international world of a global economy.  This is considered by many employers a "personal conduct policy", goes along with the  " confidentiality agreement"  and "privacy laws" that have been a part of daily life for decades.  

The heart of Petlane is the choices that are offered.  You can present your business in so many ways and the selection of quality products are terrific.  Petlane offers several avenues to market and sell your products to you personal target market.  This how you can customize your business to reflect you,  your goals while being active in your community as an individual independent business person.   Start your own local economic stimulus plan -  take charge of your financial future while meeting some great people and making new friends.  Think global but act local so the saying has always gone.  You can't get fired or laid off from your business. 

Did you know that many businesses were started during tough economic times?  Some are still in business today.  A direct sales business is a great place to start as a first time business owner - get your feet wet, as the saying goes.  You can get started for almost nothing - no inventory with Petlane.  See my specials page for more details and web links.  In fact many types of businesses do very well in business recession conditions.  Direct sales is one of them  Corporate Petlane has informed me that Petlane is one that sees increased sales during economic down turns, one reason is the pet industry in general is considered recession proof by many economists.  Just shows how our pets are so important to many of us and are there for us especially when times are tough - no matter what the cause. 

Petlane corporate has a couple of statements they stand behind:    "Work for yourself but not by your self" .  When you sign up under a sponsor and become part of a Petlane team you have a built in mentorship program. With Petlane as your business you can "create a "purr - fect" future for all the companion animals you love".  You can also "earn full commissions while you are training" and building your own personal Petlane team or just be your own "best" customer.  Whether you want to work part time, full time or charity fundraising; Petlane is a terrific income opportunity and a great adventure to have in your life. Did I fail to mention that Petlane also has a fantabulous residual income as well as all the great product we sell? Petlane corporate has come up with another incredible way to put income in your bank account. In addition to our non get-togethers online sales you can link your catalogue or home get-togethers with the internet. Just give your friends your get-together assigned number obtained when you book and schedule your get-together and they enter it when they place their order and you as a host can obtain a more valuable hostess gift. The latest craze.... a personal shopping experience! Not just for the rich and famous anymore, ask me about this exclusive deal!

If you have visited my http://www.petlane.com/artois you have seen the incredible business opportunity available.  If you have a pet, work with pets or just care about pets; Petlane as a money making adventure is the place for you.  For work, if you call it work, we get to talk to pet companions,  K-9 units, animal caregivers, animal rescuers and more while spending lots of time with the pets and animals we care so much about.  This business is so "me" that some people think I created the company myself.  I haven't, the creator of Discovery Toys did after selling that business to Avon Inc. (sold again but still available)  It works similiar to Tupperware, Amway Global Intern'l , Pampered Chef, Jaffra, Mason Shoe's, Watkins and so many more.  I'm happy to announce that the business start up kit price has just been reduced to , and well worth the price.  My start up kit was so packed full of toys, advertising and training material I couldn't hardly lift it.   If you have doubts about being self employed think of the tax advantages of a home based business, not dealing with the daily grind, possible office politics or worse yet the daily commute all which causes so much stress in our lives.  Give yourself a flexible schedule, health benefits that animals provide to us humans, assist in the prevention of global warming and put yourself in charge of your life.  The business builder kit is currently priced at under $250.00 (**SALE**- Petlane Corporate has reduced start-up price to" $99.00 down and $100.00  in thirty days, [plus if you really sell or book get-together's, ....you snoozed - too late for this added bonus!...you get a rebate back so your start-up business kit can be FREE right now] ) including tax and shipping. We also have a starter kit priced at $99.00 - see SPECIAL's page.  This can be charged to a major credit card and paid in 2 installments or in full at time of purchase.  Just contact me via the information on my contact page and let me know your interested in starting your own Petlane business and becoming part of the mico-business enterprise revolution - formerly known as the cottage industry.  A little confused or worried on becoming self-employed because of all the tax headaches?  The I.R.S. has two different inter-active DVD available. they explain and walks you through the process to set up your bookkeeping and home office situation to avoid possible tax nightmares. Even you can write your own paycheck - I am!  In fact in the last 12 months edna's petlane has almost doubled it's gross sales - yippee! 

WHEW: Got our taxes files, sure glad I became a Petlane products distributor/advisor.  Especially helpful was edna's Petlane's monthly care package program. Whether I ship products to a business, an individual or viable charity organization; the legal tax reduction sure helped. I'd much rather make a legal charitable donation or spend dollars for advertising by sending product instead of giving hard earned money to the IRS. The IRS DVD's to set up my home office sure made it much simplier!  A good way to start the "spring forward" on the time change day. Have you heard about the National Association of Self Employed? Or the Chamber of Commerce? Organizations like this can be a terrific place for resources for a micro-business. Many offer local, state, national and global chapters. These are terrific places to network, learn, obtain information and advertise to help grow your business. They offer group rates on many things, like insurance - and who's not looking for affordable health care - that you might not be able to afford otherwise. There are many organizations that are industry specific that offer some great benefits too (direct sales has more than one). The organization dues and many resources (products or services)they offer when not free are usually tax deductable!!  Just remember to save all your receipts!

What's so great about word of mouth direct selling versus going to your local retail store business?  Better and direct personalized customer service, minimal overhead, no inventory to keep and pay taxes on, no crowds and traffic to fight as products are delivered to your door, ability to form long lasting business associates and great products!  If you have been to many commercial retail store front outlets, many of the clerks do not know if they have an item, where it might be in the store or what type of quality you may be getting.  You will not find the product guarantee at a retail store as you will from your local direct sales product representative (like me).  Petlane has very high standards for it's products.  I have actually found this to be the general case in several direct sale products I have used over the years either as a direct distributor or a customer.  I also like the fact store front retail locations do not carry the same inventory as electronic and printed post mail catalogs or direct sales representative product distributors.  So when I purchase from them I know I'm getting something special and unique for myself or to give as a gift with a great guarantee behind it!  I don't even mind paying the shipping on heavier items as I prefer avoiding the headaches of shopping malls, plus I get to give myself presents all year round.  People are always asking me where I got something I wear or have, a great conversation starter.

As I was updating the grapevine I realized something. Before the newspaper, telegraph (which is the island conch shell), telephone or computers, talking was the only way to get information.  Hearing something via/out in/from the bush is one of the oldest and can be in-expensive, easiest and effective forms of communication - no college degree needed.  This word of mouth communication is what direct sales is all about.  Even in todays electronic laden world it still works very well.  In some remote areas it is still all they have on a regular basis.  Anything that is still working after all these eons, is worth hanging on to, as it has stood the test of time.  Just as "you, me and the fenceposts" - those fencepost run for miles in all directions.   One of the local "hood polishing" spots around here where you can here the bush news first hand is the post office/country store and/or parking lot.  I don't even have the natural "gift of gab"  but I'm still having a great adventure with Petlane and many doors of opportunity are opening.  

I was just reading one of my direct sales business magazines, and noticed a new trend.  I saw a couple of advertisements on other direct sales home based businesses.  So I go to the advertised webpage and what do I get?  Nothing .  Just a nice color picture and a form to fill out and a mandatory phone call from a representative.  Absolutely no additional information on the products or business opportunity.  I mean zippo!  I do not have the time to waste, nor do I want to talk to a stranger and waste their time if I have no real idea what they or I might be selling.  I'm soooooo glad Petlane has such a great corporate site and why I created this extended website.  With Petlane you know what we have to offer,  and much more personalized and exciting by edna's Petlane extended website.  Why have a webpage if it doesn't assist with advertising or selling your product or business services?  Computers and answering machines are available to assist 24/7/365, something humans cannot do.   Not to mention one of the reasons we have our own business is make our own hours, have more quality time doing the things we enjoy.  With edna's Petlane you could see one of my advertisements and have most your questions answered and place an order, no matter what your your schedule or time zone - or call when it's convenient and "time" to have a personalized enjoyable conversation.  No one really enjoys those telemarketers that cold call during your dinner hour.  Why have a webpage otherwise????  Beats me.

It took me several months to save the money and create a business plan even before I became a PETLANE advisor and pet product distributor as I refer to myself because I knew I did not have the gift of gab.  It took some research in various medias, inquiries,  phone calls & phone mail, letter writing, and ruminating on my part.  The Petlane advisor's team I signed onto and corporate home office was so helpful and patient with me and continue to be.  The hardest part I think was my overall business plan and determining the .com/_________  portion as that would stay with the business and say quite a bit right off the bat.  Then I needed to determine and obtain a business e-mail address to go with it.  I needed to take in my personal situation, personality, previous work and personal experiences, location and goals.  Finding a unique niche' as a very tiny fish in a very big pond would be important to the success of the business.  So much thought, weighing various odds, setting a budget, goal setting got me on my way and continues.

At home with PetlaneKidsArtois which is edna's PETLANE Artois

What is the price of tea in china today? Oolong loose milk or black breakfast tea leave retail to USA consumer today Sept 5, 2017 and holding as of  May 12, 2018 is: $53.00 bulk 1 pound or $14.00  3.5 ounce box;                            

 New One- price of tea in India today?  Darjeeling champagn of tea leaves $50.00 bulk 1 pound or $13.50  3.5 ounce box.

What luck!  Http://www.explore.org/live-cams/player/polar-bear-tundra-buggy-cam .  Live POLAR BEAR cam from inside Artic tundra buggy and saving ploar bears  Http://www.AlaskaZoo.org/live-polar-bear-camera  & http://PolarBearInternational.org .  Savings elephants and while trying to stop the hate-on of illegal  ivory trade worldwide  http://www.elephants.com/elecam/index.php watch the webcam in Tennesee, USA.  Newest endangered is the giraffe...no sanctuary for them as of yet. 

Chinese New Year is January 28, 2017 - Year of the red or fire Chicken or a Rooster depending on which calendar in use in a particular region of the Asian Far East continent.

Chinese New Year is  February 8, 2016 - Year of the Fire Monkey.

It has come to my attention that what is referred to as "gorilla marketing & gorilla lobbying" is causing some problems and is part of the current negative trend of bullying, abuse and hate in general (part of sexual abuse as well <including illegal use of animals/children in the sex act which is against the law in most countries/nation>.)  Any person who hurts a small animal or any animal will also hurt children/elderly/medical infirmed deemed vulnerable ones of community) that is not stopping across the nation and possibly the world.  Several years back a law was made to stop overly agressive lobbying for congress and agressive marketing for consumers please adhere to legal lawful business practices.  Over pushy forceful agressives talking type (termed gorilla).  A no, no thank you is the final word not adhering to this law is part of the new stalking problems many are facing today.  Hmmnn using animal species types is common it seems for human behavior or profiling maybe it time this was stopped as well as its many times a derogatory, negative remarks.  Maybe this could be a new campaign for by the ASPCA, Human Society and more  for kindness to all especially furry, feathered, finned friends of humans.  These overly agressive tactics have been used for years in money collection area of the world now it seems to be common behavior for many of all ages, genders for any reason if they do not get their own way or maybe due to the seriously increasing worldwide poverty issue facing everyone.  Selfishness, power tripping, my way or no way, kleptomania....just causing pain to others and not a world anyone wants to live (just barely exisiting increasing) in let alone not able to prosper in within laws clearly set down over the ages.

 2015, Wooooo-Who and triple WOW.....what a history making  D-Day in the USA this year!  For the first time in 37years a dry spell has been broken with a Triple Crown Race winner named American Pharoah joining the ranks of the greats listed below..  What a unbelievable suprise for America itself honouring allied and American troups with a win like this on the actual D-Day of World War 2 in Normandy of Europe (should see the monuments there in France for allied troups).  Putting the US Calvery back into action if only for ceremonial action at this time in last couple of years (Sgt. Reckless has the honours there as the most famously recognized- Calvery horse thanks for sacrifice & service RIP).  Plus the connection horse racing, horse & animal care has risen in priority in the past decade which is governed by the US Dept. of Agriculture wich connects us all to the food supply.  The severe and historical horrendous water problem in California  (seems Mexico City of Central America has 0/Zero water-why ???,but all 22 million people invaded the north to USA)  the worlds fruit & vegetable  growing valleys in danger as new farm and water conservation practices are being put into effect (some over due in many opinions).  Was it the collective effort of the many involved in the food supply chain as the food truck movement is booming in USA and agri-tourism in Europe as a new avenues in agricultural.  Congrats to all for success and possibly now there will be a cease fire to highly illegal harmful now traceable by machine air-molecule activity (at times referred to as biological cyber warfare by governments that has been in existance for more than a century) and considered a hate crime to an individual, community and many times a direct hits to food supply agriculrural regions a seriously taken threat to any country possibly considered treason in some nations including USA and punishable as such . 

Chinese New Year is febraury 18, 2015 - Year of the sheep (goat or ram)

2014, What a exciting and potentially dangerous day of horseracing for the last leg of the Triple Crown!!  On the edge of your seat racing-not having a clue who would win any of the races of the day.  Each race of the day was a crowded field at the line with several photo finishes.  Any extra little bump by horse or jockey so easily could have been a disaster - glad no one got hurt.  Like polo matches, horseracing is the worlds oldest sport their are 300 different horseracing tracks alone plus other horse veues in the world to visit.   Rodeo's, Polo matches,  horseracing  and now native indian relays can be a fun outdoor family event..  Like zoos and aquariums all governed by Agriculture dept/ministry and animal care guardians. 

Wooo-who....Sunday Feb. 2, 2014 first time ever.... Puppy Bowl on Discovery Channel at 3pm east.time VERSES  Kitten Bowl on Hallmark Channel at 12pm east.time both have adoptions for pets after the bowls. 

Chinese New Year is Jan. 31, 2014 - the year of the Horse

Something that has always stuck in my mind is "**take care of your horse and your horse will take care of you**!", horses have many stories of saving human lives just as the canines and dolphins  have.  Thought regular horse racing could be exciting but I've discovered native american "indian-relay" competitions PIHRA-professional Indian Horse Racing Association , visit Indian Relay  for more details.  You can find this in the midwest  and pacific northwest mostly by native american from the tribal nations of america only and just now getting info on the web,  This is part of the tradition and history of united states  itself  that has been continued by the native american people as part of their own original heritage  plus the arrival of the european  pilgrims/colonists.  The settleling of United States was started by the single rider Pony Express itself (as is the elephant or camel so very needed in many parts of the world) then as growth and population increased the stage coach then trancontinental train the most famous and remembered being Wells Fargo as international banking/finance institution and splitting into the US Federal Post Office both still in business today.   Well known fact that the connected traditional native americans and many pilgrims are born horse/animal whisperers and still today its possible to find a wolf baby personality type occasionally.  A great place for the saving of the wild mustang (or any horse {all animals now as extinction occurs}for that matter-BFAS-HSUS-ASPA-WWF) program and animal guardian caregivers as well not to mention the future of children in a healthy environment while staying connected to roots and nature itself.  The Indian-Relay competitions consist of 3 laps of up to 8 teams on a soft dirt track with each rider making a pony express type horse change that can be smooth, chaos or plain scarey excitement.  Some of the horses take on  a knowing personality-attitude-aura (a little zenyatta) look about them when being prepared & prettied for the big race with a bit of  symbolic markings not just decorative paint.  Thank you tribal nations and pilgrims for helping to preserve the spirit of '76/made in the USofA  itself for future generations not suprising it was brought to us by pbs network keeping with its themesong mission statement.  Yes, I think I'm hooked on Indian Relay  the  hometown  appeal that puts the horses and hopefully the people that care & guardian them first.  I've discovered that this is also part of the anti-depressant & anti-substance abuse program for many reservation people (as small animal care is for most all people worldwide)-just bring your manners & hopefully clean clothes when you get started  but at the end of the day ????depends on how involved you may be..  I tell ya- I'm begining to hear some buzz on this new sport....never know who you might run into in their old saturday work clothes as several people from other forms of equine events  are there to have fun if only as spectators in the stands or possibly more ideas going on in their minds. 

Too much fun now!  Now everyone can really spoil their canine furbabies companion (furbie) pets!!  Newest kitchen gadget is "Bake a Bone" works just like a waffle maker..just plug it in.  Comes with a recipe booklet and/or you can purchase prepared box mixes where you just add water.  It's not too expensive and warm fresh out of the oven is what home cooking is about.  I haven't read the ingredients yet but it might be people friendly and even if it's not how many of us when we were toddlers ate dirt, charcoal (my mothers big laugh{mold to penicillin}) or pet food because it was on the floor??  What  a great way to make cookies (human or pet) for the next bake sale, in fact have one for your local shelter fundraiser or give as gifts to guest or great way to advertise you business. AsSeenOnTV and now SunBeam both have dogbone shaped treatmakers-dogbone hobby getting more fun as pets get the humane treament in more homes while learning much. 

Puppy Bowl IX , sunday 2-3-2013 don't want to miss.  Two new features are a hot tub and additions to the cheering section, a "just too cute" to miss annual event 

Chinese New Year on Feb. 10th, 2013 is the year  of the snake which is suppose to extra good luck and possibly creativity for babies born in this year.  

Shock!!  Happy mothers day to me.  After 45+/- years my own mother phoned me and wished me a happy mothers day and "recognized petparent" the same as a human parent!  The things I've been accused of of late by relatives ( I refuse to have sex with an animal, child or relative-excuse me for being a decent heterosexual-crap!!-even if not close relative he was/is not my type AT ALL), strangers, community after decades of babysitting, nannying,  stepmothering, mothering at work and overall giving to others!  I always thought petparents had to do with property ownership and the space to have a pet verses rental situation usuallly due to financing issues not anything to do with age, gender or sexual orientation (guess I was wrong).  Even in rental situations these days with current pet products, knowledge and training of both humans and pets can be a happy possibility.  Rental insurance is not too expensive and a good rental or lease contract makes it possible.  Everyone knows that using any animal in a sex act (beastiality) with a human is illegal with the almighty and ungodly in almost every nation on planet earth even if it's on the psychic/cyber/wireless level flying thru the airwave does much damage (see below).  Animals are not property to comit acts of cruelty or abuse for pleasure or profits of humans...they are living things and personally think they have emotions and limited thinking capabilities.  Just as with a human child this is abuse and cruelty that will not be tolerated, isn't that what the death penalty is for? 

Just don't get this one, enraged & saddened!!!  The network series "luck" about horse racing cut, rumour there was animal abuse-actually saw a newsbite on evening news for this.  Then the horse racing season started and it's not being aired by local NBC/MSNBC affliated stations in northern calif as of 4-30-12.  Haven't been able to see any of "road to the kentucky derby", "breeders cup" or "triple crown" for the 2012 racing season.  I don't think this has ever happened in the history of horseracing!!!  This weekend is the actual Kentucky derby itself and many week long festivities are underway.  Is this some form of elitism,arrogance,cheapskates or just plain stupidy happening?  I left several phone messages and sent even more e-mails out on saturday-but of course no reply from any.  There has been much trouble over the NO programming listings in the newspaper or tv guide now more magazine style to refer to as no one has the desire or time to sit around web or channel surfing, so thats been a sore spot for about a year now locally-made complaints & paying extra but no good still.  There is psychic cyber wireless hurtfull mean air molecules shooting/flying thru the air for years now...maybe some sexual assualt hitting all sorts of people and property-laws in place to protect of course.  If the filthy hurtfull molecules (think ancient air dart) and/or ??? shooting, flying maybe falling (would this be what is called acid rain?)even thru the air while there is high poverty rate like we have much of in the north state calif area and comes from the government or government employee on taxpayer dime is it communism??  Things are kind of depressing, but now it's kind of scarey, but i'm not high or drunk on anything but i've asked local news station if they know where the nearest bomb shelter is?  A large group of local armed angry private citizens, myself included have been expecting gunfire and real bullets to fly thru the air, but not bombs from the sky...may have to come from our own usa military as foreign governments are a bit strapped with no money.  I know what started this twelve years ago- a wealthy muckity muck or more like a government agency did not file proper paperwork in a timely manner and pay it's bill/accounts payable as ordered by law!  What many people call financial responsibility and being held responsible when bodily harm and property damages have ocurred to any person in a timely manner more like within months not decades.

WOW, a rarity if not maybe some sort of world record happened here locally!!  A local dairy heifer cow has delivered quadruplets on Dec. 6th which is a special day all by itself by being Saint Nicholas - aka Santa Claus (santo to be politcally correct)aka Father Christmas aka Kris Kringle birthday...all girls.  Mom and all 4 girls (2 sets of twins) are healthy and doing fine, which is part of the rarity in itself.  Not to mention this birth is a statistical longshot, somewhere a hundred million plus to one of birth let alone survival.  In a couple of years all 4 heifers will go to work joining others in the milking barn.  Another front page newsprint and newscast making event!  Putting themselves on the world map in the Artois agricultural growing region!  Some kind of wonderful to say the least with multi-cultural significance and maybe a miracle even.  There's a reason why some have always considered the cow sacred for 10,000's of years for sustaining life itself,  the dog for 1,000's as it came to protect and serve mankind in the household, the horse for 1,000's for it's continious backbreaking labours to assist mankind in building civilization; dolphins, elephants and the entire animal kingdom; now resulting in the agricultural dairy law and now the aggrevated assault civil domestic law in some places.

Biologists have released latest scientific "zom-bee" research on bee colony collapse disorder....very interesting and great information.    It also can explain and at some level back up my/a theory of psychic/cyber warfare  including the psychic/cyber "B thing" (thinking one cannot get caught-wrong new international coalition military technology in place as well) that's so horrendous (part of information stolen below) let alone on various internet technology or in the flesh -oh the nightmares!!.  There is also some new research information that this could possibly cause e-coli with a concentrated effort at a targeted area - more research pending.  Sample testing grounds have been established across the usa for the honey bee colony collapse disorder which stops the continious natural order of life sustaining pollination of all blossoms of plant species on  planet earth.  Maybe a cure will be found yet - long live the food chain and supply for humans and pets!  Front page newsprint news around here!  Still need to be mindful of the tiger mosquito that never stops biting even in broad warm daylight or the regular mosquito that causes west niles virus (at least there's a vaccine for horses now)!   

Don't miss the 2012 puppy bowl on Feb. 5th.  A too cute and adorable game plus animal adoptions happening. 

Happy Chinese New Year on Jan. 23rd 2012.  It's the year of the dragon....the chinese dragon is not scarey or prehistoric...it's a good thing...maybe a bit like puff the magic dragon of cartoons and song. 

11-04-2011, edna's Petlane Artois has just issued press release No. 4.   

Rare  all white kiwi bird named Manukura in New Zealand is doing well after surgery (silly me when i first read the newsprint thought it was about the fruit).  Seems like many birds, it gobbled up a small stone that is helpful in their digestion.  Well this stone was too big and was lodged and had to be removed surgically using a laser treatment similair to use in humans with kidney stones.  During the surgery the bird heart rate actually stopped and gave the surgical team quite a scare.  Manukura is one of the only rare white kiwi's ever born in captivity.. so far she is recovering and even has her "mojo" {{ personality, mood, vibrancy and energy sometimes referred to in medical fields as  "spirits are up/better" or "getting some life back in" -especially after serious medical situation}} coming back according to news reports (they actually said used word mojo in newsprint).. 

10-22-2011, edna's Petlane Artois has just issued press release No. 3 .  Hope you see it in your local paper and in American Profile that's usuallly in your weekly Sunday paper.  You can also keep up with things on facebook, twitter and linkedIn as myself and petlaneArtois.  Of course life goes on so check the grapevine page for commentary on current events and interesting tidbits that are non-pet related.  Thanks for stopping by my place on the web, which is just real life happening. 

Fall has arrived along with lots of good treats to eat in the next few months and colder weather that keeps most everyone inside more.  Pumpkins are ready, and I just found out that canned (or fresh cooked) pumpkin is a great addition to your carnivorse diet.  Yup along with unsalted string beans or a mixed veggie for dogs that can be substituted as a snack or mixed in to reduce calories with regular kibble food.  Always check with your local personal veterinarian for your pets specific needs first.. 

Have you noticed the explosion of pet products and services available now on the market?  I think it's been some sort of revolution for the animal kingdom all while proving how humans cannot live without them, especially beloved pets.  I really enjoy TV commercials much more with all the pets in them...especially the little white terrier that's on more than one commercial now-so much like the dogs I've shared my life with.. 

Did you see on the TV (can't remember which show I was watching now-it was the nightly newscast, guess I was stunned by the announcement) that China now after almost 50 years actually has farming and ranching on the rise with a real agricultural program including the dairy law which is the prevention of the horrid "B thing" (see below and contact page)?  From a small tidbit below, China has been able to start drinking fresh milk and producing other dairy products (yum ice-cream) to the point a full agricultural program evolved.  THANKS petlane advisors like me who had international connections.  What's REALLY great is that for the last several years pet ownership has steadily risen, in some part due to the better quality of living in general and the new agricultural programs in place. YIPPEE!!  Once again a small owned and operated business has made a significant difference, sometimes it takes more than just an ad campaign-personal phone calls and personalized mail (postcards do wonders) make the difference...follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!  Some kind of wonderful!!

Have you ever seen happy and healthy horses play kickball either by themselves or with each other out in their play area field ??  I used to play a form of soccer with my dogs.  Very fun and wonderful!  When petkids especially (from what little I know) feel safe within a safe clean healthy environment their personality can really show at times.!

We've all heard about and been gratefull for the military service war dog soldiers.  Several types of dogs have been training at Lackland for decades well now the airforce has it's own unit too!    The airforce has just started it's own specified breeding and training program at Fairchild. I was in contact with Lackland several times as a petlane advisor selling product, as with all service or working dogs diet and training is very stringent and specified.  I think I could have done it with a little more time, what a great top notch customer this would have been!!  Plus supporting the military and their families!  Navy SEAL's have had such luck with wardogs (great books and movie on this too) including NATO business and UN peacekeeping forces for international stability! 

News flash from the news print!  After 35 years dogs on a leash are allowed on Pacific Ave. in downtown Santa Cruz!!  Might want to call their local chmaber of commerce if your planning a visit to the area to make sure . 

Glad that "petkeeping with Marc Marrone" is back on the air after a brief absence.  It too has such great ideas about having pets in your home, living with pets and sharing your life with pets of all kinds.  I hope Marc can create more shows (are you listening Martha?) because I've learned alot from watching this one. 

Good news and a suprise as I'm not much of a tv watcher usually (or internet tech junkie either)!  I've found another helpfull TV show! It's called Pets.tv.  You can "just ask the pet vet" of DVM Gaylord Brown.  There's even a website that you can refer to as well that has loads of information.  According to the tv show DVM Brown answers the questions personally himself-not a canned response.  Of course NOT to Replace your own veterinarian, but another good resource for petparents, pet caregivers and pet protectors.  DVM Brown is also on staff at the So.Cal. Delta Rescue organization too!  The show I caught showed how easy canine CPR is, a great motivator to take a class locally for official CPR certification. 

What??? A fluke, mistake or stroke of luck happening?  I did a twitter search and found Petlane.de - Heimtierbedarf as a website, has Petlane the name been stolen (it is a pet related referral shopping site) or is there the possibility of move by Petlane Corp. itself to go international in the works with a jump over the atlantic and the market waters being tested on the internet or the use of the word "petlane" being used in general or something???  Being a pupperware dealer filled multiple criteria's of areas in my life.  Hmmnn have to keep my eyes on the mail I guess, doesn't hurt to hope for a future for being a pupperware representative 1099 employee again. 

What perfect timing....I've found a new tv program titled "Petkeeping with Marc Marrone" a really terrific program for anyone that has or wants to get a pet of all sorts, types, descriptions!  He does an excellent job!! He has lots of pets on his daily show, so it's very colourfull.  The set is of a real pet store, plus he has a question and answer section and guest that stop by, including a very good reputable veterinarian.  Not to mention he and his wife are pet parents too.  This is great for the exploding pet business industry that Petlane started and was a niche boutique micro business of retail direct sales from home.  edna's Petlaneartois was as much about selling excellent quality pet products as it was edna's A, B, C's (see contact page) awareness, a learning experience at Petlane U. (some refer to this as "the school of hard knocks or life experience") and a social life for pet people/parents with their pets as a common bond.   I .         

As you change to a new brand of dog food it is recommended that you use 1/2 old/current brand to 1/2 new brand for at least 1 day and up to 7 days then 100 percent new brand/type of food for a gradual gentle change as to not upset your pets digestion.  Petlane corp is recommending "canine caviar" brand as a quality pet food replacement for theirs (don't you just love the little white terrier on the cesar commercials?  So much like past dogs I've companioned at my house).  It is available in many locations and have a website to help you locate a brick and mortar store.  There are many great brands available now with better ingredients in them but I don't know of any personally that had the flaxseed (I think this helped with flaxulance and bad breath or maybe it was the  pet kiss dental hygiene rinse type product put into the water dish or a combination of both) that Petlane had, but read the labels-possible you might have to add a supplement vitamin of some sort, many of those available as well.  Keep in mind the type of pets and it's health, age and lifestyle to find the right choice for you.   Of course a search on the internet (I use dogpile.com for 4 searches at once) or an AAHA approved veterianarian hospital or facility as well as your own local ABVP veterianarian is a good place to start too ( or at least some kind of good reputable licensed accredited, the quack doctoring type are out there for people and your pets).  Don't leave home without your pets updated medical health records all in place with it's vaccines up to date and current.  Spaying and nuetering your pet is always a great idea, unless you plan and are licensed for specific purposes, check your local laws regarding this too.  In reading one of my dog magazines there is a petfood with flaxseed (Wellness brand I think)in it plus there's the no preservative raw diets as well (like PETfresh select).  I like a mix of both.  Like Tara has said in the past, putting the food wet or dry in a small toy helps a pet work for it's supper and helps burn off calories.  Right now Petlane brand is still available via internet sales (10-5-11). 

The other bowl?  Best thing is the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials !  One of their best was dalmations and clydesdales in same commercial! They are part of the gentle giants from the country of Belguim like draft horses that all farming started with centuries ago.  I'm wondering if that's where the other gentle giants the great dane of the canine world originated from?

Puppybowl 7 was great fun again.  I actually picked the MVP for the first time this year, it was a very tough decision in between the giggles and how cutes!  All the participant pets in the program  are adoptable and I understand the two bassetts were adopted right from the 50 yard line by someone who worked on putting the program together-how neat, this happen many times.  There were also no "smelly" fouls on the playing field which is a foul and time out for clean-up.  The kitty half time show was action packed!  Something new this year along with the tailgate viewers were the chicken cheerleaders and the hamster, guinea pig, gerbil working the blimp for arial views!  A great end to a great business adventure, but as many of us have been lamenting, very bittersweet ending in placing the very last order from edna's Petlaneartois to Petlane corporate.  Still so many pets/animals in need to help in many ways all over the world, new laws in place to assist in this now that millions more people are aware of what's going on in the world.  At least I now have one of each of the great Petlane exclusive products to make a collection for myself along with memories in the future.  Like the 50 something year old twinkie, I will have Petlane pet food, Petlane treats and Petlane toys .  At least one or more goals have been accomplished for me in the past couple of years with edna's Petlaneartois, glad I thought out my business plan before getting started and spending the needed money for a successful business. 

The digits have been reported: Starting last week (2-4-11) 10,000 people of the baby boom generation will turn 65 every day (I thought year but no, double checked) for next 19 years!! Staggering!!!  Some will not be able to retire due to financial situations and will work into their 70's.  All these people could have been Petlane independent business owners giving them more financial and overall freedom in life or just Petlane customers with edna's Petlaneartois.  A sad time not to mention the endless posibility of revenue that has been lost.  No wonder the senior social security account is in big financial trouble, and yes these people have paid into this account all their lives just like disability social security (disability benefits can be terminated at anytime-scarey for those in need with no other income source) and are demanding it back in monthly income payments.  The number of pets in households at last reporting is quite high, with a very suprising number willing to give up human mate over their current pet (it's a little bit like stepchild type thing many do not understand).  Everyone I know has said if my pet does not like the person I'm dating, the relationship just doesn't seem to last very long (guilty!, always been this way myself, an ex-boyfriend was actually jealous, maybe this was part of the ex-husband problem too?).  Plus the veterans returning from the wars in middle east, disabled or not.  As we know from plenty of medical professionals and medical studies/reports the positive health benefits of having a pet as a companion in your life and home in are numerous!  The loss of financial income or endless opportunities of all kinds is actually depressing and a scarey thought.  No one wants to live in poverty prison, disabled, infirmed, just getting started in life or elderly....not good news for the economy or the future for many.  Sad state of affairs in the world right now!

Quite interesting, the mail from social websites of people wanting to meet, hook-up (we all know that so much of social websites it about sexual preditors-but it has been changing more towards advertising which is better in many ways) not Petlane sales or edna's Petlane artois related has dwindled seemingly overnight.  It's been mentioned that some people thought that Petlane and other direct sales home based businesses was part of some sort of internet game going on that you act out in real life, kind of a "pretend" game, hmmnn maybe some of that la la net mentioned below.  I was not sure what was going on, but I was not involved in that part of things if that was/is the case.  I just read in DogFancy that there were also some "paw pawties" as virtual events on twitter, maybe some people did not know there were earthly real Petlane pawty's to sell and purchase pet products as well, hence even more confusion. 

We all know you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink, this is the difference between advertising and sales...not the same thing, a sale means "ka-ching" of the cash register and taking a paper cheque money in the bank and keeping a roof over your head.  As things close down next month it will be a good time to get caught up on things, like computer reapirs, health visits, auto repairs, etc...  I'm already doing research while ruminating.  Pets/animals will always be first in my world, oh what a perfect combo having a pet in the house for companionship with the ability to make money while giving them the some of the best preventive holistic complete health toys, food, treats.  With the internet and web online shopping growing steadily and becoming the norm. of life, this has been a shock and disappointment.  Glad I read mail from my upline sponsor first (thanks) it softened the blow.  Our Petlane stop show list is growing fast so get your last order in soon.. 

This latest news has gotten my into quite a state it seems.  The last mail from Petlane corp. home office in 2010 was delivered with fireworks, well guess there's fireworks but not at all what I expected.  Yeah, I've had to contact more than just potential hosts and customers but one of my doctors and of course more than one governmental agency.  Oh what to do now....I've thought of closing down this site all together; then maybe keeping up with just the grapevine page.  Maybe even try using intuit, I understand it has better graphics capability...what do you think?  Maybe just cancel all my accounts including e-mail?  Hmmnnn lots to ruminate about in the next month.  Feedback welcome of course, thanks.   

Well, hmmnn oh my, what to do now? After receiving mail from Petlane corp about the closing of the business I have decided to keep my edna's Petlaneartois repeating web portal open and operating until Feb. 28th, 2011.  There is plenty of inventory at this time Jan. 27th, 2011 to place your last order just as I intend to do.  I have yet to decide what to do about any of the social website account for myself or edna's Petlaneartois.  So all of you have at least 2 to 3 weeks to get your last Petlane pet product order in.  It's a very sad to see a company go out of business when they have such superior products at a reasonable price.  Lets hope that another international direct sales company or any business for that matter may be able to pick up the products in the future, as it is possible in the business world-so keep your eyes open, and give a call to see if I have heard or gotten mail on anything wonderful like this.. 


The results have been in for quite some time....pets/animal companions absolutely have a sixth sense about things including bad moods of people, the merriment of the holidays, changes in health and the weather.  Can't even begin to tell you have many times this has happened , a way of life with pets actually for me.  Maybe this is why the number of households in the USA with a pet is absolutely staggering.  The percentage of pet people who live with a pet, especially canines would give up their human mate and keep the pet is much much higher than I ever expected or realized.  For those of you who do not understand it's a like a step parent situation, the pet (as with own child) comes first. 

I saw a local canine in the crouching tiger postion!  I haven't seen this in a very long time!!  His eyes were wide open focused on the horizon!!  Same canine has gone "on point and tremored" just like any typical pointers while on a hunt...except I don't think he's got any pointer genetics in him.  He and a couple of other canines in my neighborhood are busy mouser.  Too neat, go figure.  Guess he figures he can be anything he wants! 

There's been an offer by a local caring person to "take care of your pets in case of rapture" for a nominal fee which has been predicted by I'm not sure who for May 2011.  Yes, I actually read all about this in my local newspaper; good thing because I had no idea ( I cut out the article and saved it I was so suprised).  I think I vaguely remember hearing about this in years pasts, but it's been quite a while. edna's PetlaneArtois can help by providing the best food, toys and treats for complete healthy well rounded life of your pets for regular price, unless of course we're having a sale which is always happening thanks to corp. home office -and that makes the products even better, right?  Not sure if I'll be needed as for as long as I can remember I've believed all pets go to heaven, that's why they have they're very own animal kingdom, just waiting for them.  Hmmnnn maybe the animals might even go first before people if such an earth shattering  occurance should happen.  It's good to be prepared,.  Well May 21st 2011 came and went, everyone still here but the date has been pushed to sometime in Oct. 2011.  In reading the local newsprint the originator of this movement has had a stroke in mid June 2011.  Due to his failing health he has sold/change hands the radio station he broadcasted from- a completely different programming on that station now.  This most likely changes everything about his forecasted rapture or religious happening he was selling.  It's now mid August 2011, had a young woman stop by the house and invite me to  meeting locally regarding this.  It's now been changed to 12-21-2012 and is called the "glow" decoding the signs/end of the world.  Since we're on the subject,  it came to me after reading the preface of the Book of Morman that could it be possible that the anticipated "second coming" of a heavenly apparition has already happened and the book of Morman was it? . 

Anyone get a pet over the holidays, if so now really is the time to get edna's PetlaneArtois make your new pet happy and yourself too.  A busy start to the New Year already on day 1.  Mocktails or cocktails at your celebration last night?  What was the preferred snack item?.  

Oh no...went out to get the newspaper and a fire truck was idling in front of my place.  Didn't see smoke coming from anywhere.  Seems one of my very good neighbors went out on a stretcher and into the ambulance.  Briefly checked with his family, looked worse than it is thank goodness.  Just spoke to him yesterday morning and all seemed pretty much normal to me-how quickly things can change in life!  Kind of hard to know how not to be too nosey, while being concerned and offering help if needed at the same time staying out of the way so professionals can do their work (a fine line there).  This on top of a house fire a couple of blocks away about a month ago, that did extensive damage, thanks goodness all got out safely, not sure where the family is staying as rebuilding will take some time.  All this after a very very cold morning where even I got a light dusting of snow that even after daybreak the rain had not completely melted away. 

Hmmnnn in dealing with the latest problem regarding the internet in general I found out a little something.  One microsoft is in the middle of securing the internet which is fantabulous news for us home based soloprenuers with a home based micro-franchise business.  Not just our computer electronic mail but especially our electronic online edna's PetlaneArtois catalogue store http://www.Petlane.com/Artois  where you can shop with a valid credit card.   It seems now you must prove your not a machine when using electronic mail and other types of websites when using sign-in or log in.  I was relived when it only took 2 hours to verify my accounts and get back to making money (see below).  The last time the local server satellite was upgraded by microsoft it took over a month of no mail.  The second thing I found out is that there is more than one internet explorer now...original internet explorer usually found on old standard home PC's , windows explorer (probably newer wi-fi mobile) and now new name for oldest in the book la-la-net explorer which seems to be the psychic/gnostic (doesn't seem to match earthly reality these days, so ask for accuracy rating & client referrals)or more likely many times a fantasyland daydreaming maybe drug induced state (see grapevine page-be careful of shuck & jive, snakeoil or pushy salespeople).  Yes, directly and indirectly money is needed for all three.  So might have to clarify which system your on now days, just ask.  I only knew of two internets, the world just keeps on getting more complicated and I just keep on learning something new everyday. edna's PetlaneArtois still in business and not much interruption in mail.  Unlike some on the internet world wide web edna's PetlaneArtois is "people powered".  Yes there are new software computer programs that send out electronic mail, tweets, post on social networks, etc.  You type the info in once and hundreds go out and scheduled times at later dates. 

Whew, emergency (I thought) car maintenance & repair.  Due to several decades of being a loyal customer I was able to get in same day.  Turned out to be something fixable at least with a rainy day meager savings or credit card with balance available.  Can't tell you how glad I was when hospitals started taking credit cards (only form of medical insurance some people have, see below for help).  What a thing to happen on a very windy & rainy day, but typical...makes you wish you'd never left the house kind of day.  Building customer relations is what a direct sales home franchise businesses like edna's PetlaneArtois and small downtown businesses are all about along with being fixtures of the community, financings allowing of course.  With  every real strong winds I've been worried about the covering on the deck and part of the fence/gate falling over, blowing into the neighbors place causing damages to pay for (keeping fingers crossed).  Things do happen you know in real life. 

So glad my invited guest callers had such fun, were impressed and mindboggled!!  Worth sneaking to the loo (new product on market coming) aka toilet so as not to wake the family! Such FUN, the fireworks begin for 2011!  Can't belive the BIG promo's and special to start it all off- see my special page or give a call.  I'm not waiting, holidays perfect time to be out and about.  In fact make 2011 the year to get out of your hidey holes (too funny Tara, great one!) and host a Petlane themed PAW-ty get-together (sports team, poker - you name it)  Petlane now has replacement tails (the whole thing-not just the end) item#8040WR for $9.99 for the undercovermouse housekitty toy item#8040 - our number one seller right now for housekitty toys.  ! 

In case you local neighborhood does not have a easily accessable recycle program for packaging type material check with your local UPS, FedEx or other shipping store.  Not only can you ship you can recycle your boxes, bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts and air pouches. Little things to go green, I know our local UPS takes just about all these recycleable items used in shipping. 

WOW, being a Petlane advisor is so great that people are impostering, impersonating, false advertising, stealing and who knows what.  So make sure they have a Petlane license number.  Mine is 100727 for edna's Petlane artois http://www.Petlane.com/Artois and I also have a local city business license number of 001725 paid annually (see photo's page).  The impostering isn't just on the internet but at home get-togethers too I guess.  Never fails when you find something wholesome, healthy and great someone just has to steal it or try to wreck.  I think we can weather this storm without much problem, there's alway a bad apple around, just finding more of them these days.  It seems there are some people having party's using the name petlane and other home based business franchises for questionable and flat out illegal business  without even purchasing a ligit business kit or license, let alone any attempts to sell the products.  Are we ligit hardworking Petlane advisors, going to have to look and warn potential customers about knock-offs like in the high dollar fashion industry?  I have not heard of any Petlane customers of not receiving products purchased at any online store  http://www.Petlane.com/Artois .  There are also reports from current Petlane customers being hard sold (those pushy telemarketer types) other products , but not here at edna's Petlane artois.  With Petlane's business kits which gives you a license at rock bottom prices (sorry , have no idea on other HBB biz kit/license prices right now) which you can get for free until 12-31-2010 if sales quota is met, why wouldn't they purchase one?  Or at least try to sell some pet products? See the grapevine page for more on this in general.

'Tis the season for counting our blessings, wishing peace and prosperity for all the world!!  Hoping all of you have a Terrific Thanksgiving, Happy Chanukka (Dec.2,2010), Joyous Christmas, Merry Chinese New Year (Feb.3,2011-the rabbit..... Jan.23rd,2012-the dragon)) and all the holidays in between and all year long from everyone at my house and edna's Petlane artois.  Thank you and your treasured pets for your patronage and friendship all year long!   

Does your housekitty have a favorite toy?  You can refresh and revitalize it with Petlane's exclusive catnip spray item#8026.  Is your housekitty bored with all it's toys? I bet it doesn't have Petlane's exclusive feathery fun item#8034, Pom-Poms item#8030, into the woods item#8033, cat fish item#8015, kitty chianti item#8031, kitty calisthenics item#8024, nap of luxury item#7031 or our pure purr gold cat food item#3905/#3915 and golden care healthy hip and joint formula item#6000.  Don't forget all our other toys and treats made by others, just give a call or check our catlogue in paper or online. 

I was reading the latest issue of Dog Fancy, I knew it would happen someday - been dreaming about this for decades. Yep high rise housing especially designed for pet enthusiasts like myself.  Specially designed dog/pet parks on the roofs with some even have pet daycare facilities included as one of many amenities.  FINALLY, how cool is this, since almost 40% of USA households have pets. My kind of place, can even put a "pet loo" , "potty patch" or "potty park" on the balcony, in a utility room, garage car port, breeze way or even a people bathroom for extra comfort of pets.  Don't forget the poop freeze and vacumn cleaners with just right attachments now some especially designed for pets in mind.  I'm sure more than one pet enjoys a daily once over on his furry body, once it is gently introduced to a vacumn with attachments designed just for them and this purpose.  Soon pet hair on furniture or clothing will be a thing of the past for many. Just another reason to be a Petlane direct sales home based micro franchise right now, customers everywhere and growing.   

Have you heard about one of our newest items?  Petlane now has Pawtags - protection for life item#2054.  This includes a 24hr live operator pet rescue hotline for the life of your pet.  Pawtags calls your emergency contact number and animal control rescue faclities.  In fact tonight 11-22-2010 on Petlane's weekly pep talk weekly conference call, the inventor  of Pawtags, John Capriotti is the special guest and is taking questions from us lucky PA's!  Pawtags mission statement "to ensure the highest levels of search, rescue, safety and personal service possible to protect and retrieve [people's] beloved pets.  

Pupperware plus, that's petlane is great for your pets and your pocketbook.  Be a good human and get Petlane for your pet and yourself.  Running late due to long lines at airports due to increased holiday traveling or security checks? Place an order online while standing in line.  Did you get in on the new "small business Saturday" retail campaign going this year yesterday?.  It's for all the non big box stores but for all the small boutique's and local small downtown shopping (more of those micro-businesses)  A home based business is perfect too, in fact many of us get together and exchange and have a type of directsale shopping experience.  Several of Petlane  Advisors are going to try to only shop via other home based business this holiday gift giving season.  To see if it can be done as they are sooooo popular right now and to promote the home based direct sales shopping industry we are in.... Come join us. 

Like a majority of the population these days edna's Petlane artois uses the internet to comparison shop, price check, window shop, find basic information and then shop local if and when the product is available.  I've been doing this with and still "prefer" printed paper catalogues for most of my life.  In rural areas shopping by mail is standard, call for your paper printed glossy Petlane catalogue.  One way to determine if an internet business is most likely ligit and on the up and up is to make a phone call or ask for printed information.  Then you feel more secure in using their electronic version which many times has additional products which may be a test product or seasonal item. 


Nov. 10, 2010: edna's Petlane artois has just issued  Press Release No. 2 in two towns and surrounding areas, so look for it in your small town newspapers and on the web. Thank you to everyone. 

Don't get recessionitis (that's lying about finances just to stay home)!! Get in on the concierge's lifestyle, the service you get at many vacation places has been available for years at your home or business, but maybe you didn't know it?. Whether it be because of medical, location, scheduling, pampering, socializing, networking, resume' building or finances - jump on board.  Home based top notch customer care service with unique high quality products is what concierge service is all about.  Home based businesses, whether a micro-franchise direct sales like edna's Petlane artois (most have built in coaching/mentoring plans) or one you've created from scratch yourself are the backbone of the economy in many countries, including United States.  Rememeber when dairy products were delivered to your door, part of the first home grocery food delivery.  So by choice or by force home based businesses are the fastest growing economic trend this Oct 2010.  Is this what the country club (day clubbing for morning people verses night clubbing at night now popular) and now the garage mancave were designed for????  I've always been the O'Dark-thirty type who wakes the roosters and meets the milk cows in the milk barn (they're smart enough to know when the light goes on , be there).

Breeders cup this weekend, will horse racing history be made??  I think so.  It was a nose to nose almost photo finish.  Zenyatta will be joining the ranks of greatness in horseracing with first Triple  Crown winner in 1939 Sir Barton, Affirmed,  Seattle Slew, Secretariet, Seabiscuit and Barbero (Oh my gosh tradegy), Animal Kingdom still going strong and in top five of european racing circuit as unforgettable and changing horse racing for the better!  Triple crown winners or not some horses are just terrific and change people lives for the better! 

Give the gift that keeps on giving!  Use our perPETual plan to send pet food and maybe a treat to someone on your gift list.  When ordering just have the "bill to" be your credit card and billing address and then use the "ship to" to the person receiving the monthly or periodic gift.  Or have it sent to my place or yours and personally hand deliver and enjoy a visit, or make it be a reason/reminder to call that special person in your life to make sure the delivery arrived as it should; or vice-a-versa give a call to say thank you to the person sending/paying for your monthly Petlane perPETual product delivery.  Or give me a call and have a personal consultation and shopping experience.  Don't forget the 5% discount on any food items ordered, you can change quantities, interval time or change anything on your perPETual plan - just a phone call to me.  Such a fantabulous gift idea for the people who have pets in their life, especially the hard to find a gift for person, make it a family gift, for name drawing events, or??.  This is great during this busy time of year when gift purchases are on the top of the "to-do" list, but  can fit the bill any time for any reason.. 

19 rescued horses just arrived at not too far but local horse plus humane society a bit east of here.  All the way from mexico, with some medical attention they'll be ready for adoption.  This north state area is becoming quite the horse place.  Maybe it's due in part to edna's Petlane artois A,B,C's from our contact page and this mysite (I can hope I helped, right? - everyone is drinking more milk already). 

Picked up a little tidbit in advertising from one of those paid programing advertisments. I've heard this before but I'm not sure who first wrote as with so many great quotes.  This sooooo applies to the home based business industry "your success is my success".  This can be used in many areas of life as well..  I of course did my research via the web (one of it's great uses).  What a job! Where watching informative TV, reading periodicals, social networking on & off the web, exercising & socializing with animals and their people!!!  To help myself and others make money, be successful, keep up with current events of the industry and life itself.  

Happy howl-o-ween! Then there's happy woof-day or bark-day - both stand in for birthday for dogs, your favorite bark-ery, purrrrr-fect, ....got any more?  How about perPETual,   I'll add them as we go. 

Petlane at the local county faire or even state faire!  How great would/is that be?  Petlane works soooo great with 4-H and FFA animal husbandry program and even in the textile area.  With the actual business owner being over the age of 18 but have your children be involved too giving the so many learning opportunities.  This could be an addition to any current agricultural (animal related or not) business, even put that name on your petlane.com/????farm, /????dairy or/???ranch and have additional advertising for existing business. Decorate school or gym lockers with Petlane sale flyers or original artwork for your personal Petlane business.  Let your children help get the word out, they'll tell each other and their parents.  Maybe even with drug/gang/food/boredom (this last one affects pets too) concerns by replacing with something positive to do while making money. How many parents have heard the complaint from their children that allowances for doing chores is not enough?  Let them help you work the business and split the commission check with them, or put towards special purchases or college educations?  Give me a call for advertising policies if you have an exisiting business and add a Petlane biz. to it. 

Gift baskets are still fun! You can use tupperware, decorated shoe boxes (remember the lunchbox special?  The high schools around here used to have them for the team players and supportive team (i was here as part of stats. when I wasn't playing - made lunches using babysitting money I earned) back up staff for away games made by cheerleaders, band members, drill team, news staff or volunteers), baskets or other containers to put Petlane products in.  I've been using this idea for years for all sorts of gift giving great for all year round gifting.  Gift basket are really great during the holidays with name drawing gift giving or someone you might not know very well - yet (co-worker, member of ?, neighbor, secret admirer/thank you/appreciation ).  This can make a great raffle prize for fundraising, as well at your own in house Petlane get together. 

Having fun, then the money will come.   Or more specifically "do what you enjoy, and the money will follow " (oh well-3-1-11).  Isn't that what the positive thinking people have been saying for years?  There are several good books out on this subject.  . 

BOW WOW WOWzer!! Did I get some FANTABULOUS mail in the post!! Pet guardians and pet parent rejoice!! Sure glad I'm a long time member and on the ASPCA's post mailing list!!!  The ASPCA has a new and VERY exciting benefit at a VERY reasonable cost available in Canada and USA.  ASPCA has partnered with a pet health care insurance company to give us animal guardians the group buying power for resonable premium rates for pet insurance!!  More than one plan level options and corresponding monthly rate.  Still looking into the details of the standard reimbursement type coverage, but it's a start and definitely better than nothing for many.  They have set up a toll free number of 1-866-861-9092 . There's even a short free trial period available and something in it for the shelter and animals in need from each plan purchased.  How toooo wonderful is that, as the ASPCA says you'll be helping animals across the country while protecting your pet!!!!!  Talk about a reason to celebrate, use our new format above - Give a call ! 

A man and a woman left a message on my voice mail answering machine., whoever you are- thank you.-glad they were having such a great saturday, as they were all giggles, maybe they were the ones who put it up-all legal.  They said they were out on the town and saw this mysite address with it's new name on a graffiti pop culture location that local artist use frequently and have over the years preserved history.  It seems that petlaneartois is a gesture with a light hearted saying in french and maybe french-canadian as well.  In different countries and regions it's slightly different degrees of seriousness, thus meaning as well. .  This is REALLY wonderful, to have international, national and of course local advertising  for basic 4-H young agriculture student and now PETLANE, WOW, and double WOW.  Think I'm speechless, which is not hard for me to be, in fact it's usually the case. 

In the foothill nearby a mountain lion was attacking a pet goat named Buttercup in the very early hours of the morning recently.  A donkey named Poppy on the property began kicking it's front and back legs continiously like a bucking bronco of sort.  It didn't take long and the mountain lion ran off.  Now the Buttercup the goat and Poppy the donkey have been inseparable since, guess they've become best friends.  Poppy has a few bites and scratches, but doing just fine.  Very typical of an adult animal to nurse a newborn animal of another type and saving it's life, many time resulting in the newborn growing up thinking/or acting like they are of the same species of the adoptive mother. Unlike a baby (less than 6 weeks old) horse captured in a recent mustang round-up by BLM, it needs serious medical attention and a gal named Palimino (no lie) has stepped forward and has the foal at her place.  So far it has been responding to medical attention from a local veterinarian.  Large animal veterinary care is expensive so any donations are being accepted.  It took about 5 days after being put on an IV to just to be able to freely move it's tail.  Maybe there could be a "naming" contest for the foal?  All reported on local news stations and they have direct links, so call if your interested in helping the foal or in mustang horse roundup situation.  The ASPCA is still helping these animals with their "go orange" program.  Have you seen the post mailing of the ASPCA's new auto monthly very inexpensive "pet guardian" program?  Do you know about the ASPCA's http://www.ClickToGive.com/animal-care.aspx  .  Guess I should mention I'm an active member and maybe a bit biased.

Have you noticed the name change of this site?  From PetlaneKidsArtois to just PetlaneArtois ?  Hope it hasn't caused you any confusion.  It's shorter, easier to remember, matches the social web pages/accounts all over the internet, and our main repeating electronic catalogue store for purchasing on the web of http://www.Petlane.com/Artois  plus making it easier for our international customers. It will take a while for all the search engines to pick up on it and make the change as well, so you can revert back and search or look for the old name until this new one takes hold.  One of our customers sent a quick computer mail telling regarding posting a comment on a social network site stating stating PetlaneArtois has international meaning.  How cool is that?  The grapevine page itself has it's own fans, they've been calling it a rap shhet with some highlights of one-liners. Like I said somewhere before, this mysite has begun to take on a life of it's own like many projects have for many people. 

Preparing get-together gift bags, going through favorite catalogues, making a shopping list, deciding what all to put in the gift bags/containers along with printed catalogues and product samples for guest to take home or for those that stop by..  

Have you seen the new pet beds we have this year?  Petlane has had pet beds for small nap of luxury item#7031 and medium snuggly, the bed with the heart item#9526 size pet beds. This year Petlane has added a large, medium, small serta orthopedic memory foam beds item#9528, double decker elegance bunk beds in 3 colours item#9829 and a custom design made diamond donut bed item#9830 with over 50 patterns that is custom made in SIX different sizes for your pets.  The last 3 bed styles have a very special HOST price when you are the host of a Petlane get-together in your home. 

I've been wanting the mysite people to add a "share button" feature here, but so far it hasn't happned.  I have put in my resuggestion request more than once. This mysite was started before social networking was hardly even around let alone popular.  The electronics world changes soooo fast and can get expensive.  But there's now a share button at edna's Petlane artois main website for direct and immediately electronic ordering of all of our patented exclsuive Petlane products and more, just click away and with a valid debit visa card or credit card at http://www.Petlane.com/Artois , remember on our auto-ship producs you get a discount and can change the quantity and ship date any time. Or just give a call for our brand new annual printed glossy paper catalogues, it has info that is not in the electronics version.  Don't forget your Petlane advisor has even more info to help you have a happy pet and home. 

Able to make a call and get through for current pending two legislations regarding pets, thanks Tara for passing along the needed info on your facebook page. 

Like edna's Petlane artois -dawn dishwashing soap 25 plus yrs, a long list of pet product companies (thank you-shows what kind of people animal guardians can be), tide laundry detergent (just came out with a washing machine cleaner)5 plus yrs, ??,   (no personal endorsements here) , probably others and especially Petlane's 2008 political cookie campaign for the Humane Society (treats discontinued for now) that for every one item sold a dollar or percentage of usually 3% or less is given to a charity organization.  There's the small shoe company that for every pair of shoes sold another pair is given to charity.  Just makes good business sense in many ways.  Around here there are many charitable donation for numerous good cause, needy situation, natural distater collection jars near the cash register with multitudes putting in a dollars the monies add up quickly without putting a big debt in anyones pocketbook to help locally or afar, people just pick ones that are important to them.  So many times over the years a person will just walk in the door and drop off spare change, a couple of dollars, a written checque without purchasing a thing from the business, same goes for clothing or food donations - have done it myself many times. We've all heard and most participate in the regular "fill a boot drive" by local fire departments, so many fire personnel in rural areas like here in the Artois agric. region are all on a volunter basis, even paying for their own training, protective gear and time off from their business or employment.  Plus having their own charitable and public events that are non emergency related especially parades and at holiday times.   Not too mention regular fundraising events (more than once I've been part of a manual workforce that put on a fundraiser -yes even washing dish after dish, after dish..then the pots and pans-all by hand) year round, a great way to give the cook a night off.  Plus talk about current legislative news, weather (as it directly affects farming biz.) and your own business to drum up interest  and hopefully a sale or two....hmmnnn more word of mouth advertising in action.  This is a standard way of doing things or just plain living around here, not helping those in need may be considered a crime of sorts by this community, all before the internet was around.  Sometimes people cannnot attend all events that they might want to.  Guess you could say there is a very busy social "season" usually year round, unlike other places where the "social season" is based on weather.  This brings to mind why many businesses and individuals I know and around here may not have a web page or much of an internet social network page is that they are way too busy out and about socialzing in person with the original word of mouth advertising in action like the old days.  Some businesses have never advertised period, let alone pay for it.  More importantly business owner/employee are doing so much of the real manual labour called work- especially when working with animals or farming in general.  There's just no time left in the day, so some of the infirmed (either temporary or permanent) and the gray hair set take care of the phones, typing, keeping up with legislation, weather alerts and general overall office work...sometimes it might wait till winter.  

Have you ordered the latest Petlane's exclusive patented "Golden Care Healthy" time released veterinarian formulated hip & joint supplement Item#6000 for your pet?  So glad they found a flea and tick spray formula item#3010 to add to the product list of items to order from edna's Petlane Artois.  I'm checking to see if it helps with bedbugs, not to worry as pets are not carriers but bedbugs are rampant everywhere this year!  We have several gift items for people too this year.  A collection of adorable collectable statues and dog topiary for all the gardeners out there! 

I was able to talk to a real person at calif EDD office (yeah-finally got thru the maze) and obtained some general information for persons wanting to become a Petlane advisor!  Have spoken with a working disabled person and have a little bit of info.   Everyone knows that physical/emotional/mental therapy is work and takes time in your day, but you meet all kinds of people as possible customers or part of your business team.  So even if FICA social security, senior social security or military veteran Petlane can be for you, can help with the adjustment period of returning to civilian life too! Give a call to me,  your local un-employment or state/federal/VA disability representative. 

Seems like my computer has a mind of it's own!  Very frustrating to say the least!!!!  Especially when attempting to upload pictures anywhere!  As if the internet pile ups weren't bad enough.   

The ASPCA's newest slogan...."There's NO excuse for animal abuse".  Most of us know that animal abuse escalates to people and domestic violence ....see the recipe page 


Another description for a home based direct sales business like Petlane is an in home mini franchise with NO employees just your downline of independent business owners to coach and mentor as they need it!!!. 

Been preparing for a personal home shop, a great time to take some pictures to share with all of you  the terrifc Petlane exclusive patented toys, cat & dog foods, cleaning products and more in my beefed up business kit.  Check out the photo's page here and around the web for our commercial/billboards telling you about what's going on and all about edna's Petlane artois  happenings. 

I think Petlane's exclusive patented toys and pet food made in the USA  are better than the line of products by Martha S-you know, she's running a TV commercial .  Anyone taking bets in Nevada on this?  Quality of product verses quality of product - not the amount of money thrown into advertising or name recognition - have a test maybe? 

Have you ever heard of a mobile emporium?  H.B.B.'s  are a little like these of yesteryear when we're out and about doing working and participating in Petlane's Scavenger hunt lead generator and business sales program. 

Glad I had edna's Petlane Artois demonstrating biz kit handy the other day when I ran out of shampoo unexpectedly.  So I rummaged around in my "stash" (got picture's on photo's page) as I call it and used one I had on hand knowing it was botanical, earth friendly (great for rural septic systems) and humane grade.  I picked the light colour coat brightener item#3012 to try.  I was also thinking of the possibility of a little highlighting for my drab locks  (the bottle states it's a brilliance enhancer) that have a mind of it's own most days  wouldn't hurt me a bit. It smelled wonderful of known soothing and calming properties of lavender.  I was impressed with the aeroma (that lasted) and WOW did it lather up well.  Not to mention it was fairly concentrated shampoo so using just a little bit will make it go much lfurther than one would think at first.  I find this type of value in many seemingly a little more expensive (not this one by chance) brand of various products but actually end up being a better deal overall .   

Another Petlane advisor post this question;  If your not already a Petlane customer, why not?  Has anyone got any answers to this one?  I've been wondering the same thing myself.  I have been told that some people think they have emotional burn out (overwhelmed by life?) or something.  They'd rather run into a store and not have to talk to anyone - just grab product and get on with their world.  Not a problem.  Just let your advisor know and they'll cut right to the chase and help you get what you need and get it to you - doesn't always have to be a social call or get together.  A quick call or return e-mail regarding an  e-mail we've sent you on a recent special sale items can do the trick. Our perPETual replenisher plan works very well for this too.  Only the initial set-up and to check regularly in to see if you need changes made on delivery time schedule or sale items you've purchased before.  Maybe this is one of the reasons why the internet is so popular these days for purchasing products.  Your pets can still get the benefits and enjoy  Petlane products. 

Reading the blog at hot diggity dog (all about dachshunds) rescue club and it reminded me of one I used to have.  This little guy could spend hours ripping to shredds a paper shopping bag having soooo much fun and getting lots of exercise.  This was before Petlane was thought of I'm sure so I improvised, see below with wind up mice & washcloths.  I'm sure that playing with Petlane's exclusive kitty calisthenics item #8024 would be just as fun as it provides physical and emotional exercise.  Many of our toys can be used for more than one type of pet, there are suggestions in the electronic and also the printed paper catalogue...or just ask your Petlane product provider aka advisors.  Many other types of pets, smaller or certain breed dogs like to burrow so the Nap of Luxury item#7031, Presto Pup item#4080 which gives physical & intellectual exercise, Hide-A-Squirrel item#4049 which provides physical & intellectual exercise; possibly the Cat Fish item#8015 which provides physical & emotional exercise (some pets other than feline may not like the crinkly noise); In some cases the kitty condo item#8070 or doggy condo item#2070 would be fun for pets even though it's designed for children.  These toys provide fun and exercise in more than one way, but I could see a smaller pet getting to tired to pawty and snuggling up to take a nap inside one. 

After seeing our what Petlane had available with it's exclusive patented Kitty Chianti toy (item#8031) which provides physical, emotional & intellectual exercise and Tug-a-Jug (item#4041) providing intellectual exercise for our domestic pets.  Several aquariums (or maybe visa a versa, and it just now hit the news?) on two continents were able to improvise and create their own toys by using the big 5 gallon water bottles and put live fish and treats inside for their bigger residents/inhabitants to exercise sonar and foraging while preventing boredom and possible illness.  How super cool is this??   Petlane is about complete overall health not just yummy nutritious food for their tummies.

I called the home corp. to verify some information real quick.  I got a chance to talk to Tara at Petlane's home office, it's been a while.  Usually a quick computer mail to her or Crystal is all that's needed.

Did you have our pet calm item #3003 available over the Independence Day weekend?  Great for thunder storms, trips to vet.'s and traveling depending on your pet.

Did you know that Petlane has several water fun toys that hold up really well in water?  Check out item #9619 the BOWmerang which has physical & social exercise, item#4044 loop tug which has physical & social exercise, item#4055 quackers water toy which has physical & social exercise, item#4057 double rumble ring which has physical & social exercise, item#4045 rumble ring which has physical & social exercise, item#9012 shower perch for birds. The loofah ring the Mirage dolphins enjoy is no longer available

Home delivery is so convenient!  Whether your using the internet to place order or in person. No shopping bags to shlep around the mall until your arms about fall off that may cut your day short.  No worrying about purchases being stolen (especially during holidays) from your car (then there's door dents & accidents).  Even more food companies are using home delivery even more these days to help with the budget situation (cuts down on gas emmissions too).  Yes it can be great exercise, but I'm for a swim in the pool for that. 


Have you noticed or is it just me?  Most of the networking sites the info does not stay around forever?  Glad I started this mysite to host a get-together with edna's Petlane artois biz and save some good info. that will be usefull for years to come as it has in the past decades pre-internet.  Not to mention all the constant site wide changes that creates updating again of profiles and interrruption of service - aggrevating to us busy exec.'s or persons with little patience. Have film developing, updated my personal profile-added a picture.

I got a wonderful notecard in the post mail this week from In Defense of Animals organization, thank you very much.  The animals need these guys. 

Oh, that "B thing" again (see horrendous below in brown-got stolen 11-21-2010) just this week!!!  BEST NEWS EVER, just in the local farm office seems there is a statewide for as long as anyone can ever remember California STATE law (penal code) against and preventing beastiality even psychically(correct spelling Webster dictionary lied or misprinted this) for all animals!!!  Stupid me I thought it was only a dairy related law per county to protect the food supply (you've heard the expression "tainted meat" or "hitting below the belt") and anything that interrupts or attacks the food supply is an act of terrorism and a basic war tactic-even psychically which means it "shoots thru the air" possibly causing e-coli.  This is one of many things that the multiple levels of health and food inspectors look for from the farm to the market and eateries during regular inspections.  Even if only coming in from the psychic level and getting into the soil, water and air which everyone knows affects the taste of all foods after a length of time. I know many people who can taste/smell with some fruits and vegetables.  I and many others thought this hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation belief  came over on the Mayflower and the seven little ships that followed when America was settled by the pilgrims....Happy Thanksgiving to all worldwide, 11-25-2010!!!  Was this common knowledge law the real reason for the celebration meal between native american and canadian indians and the new white pilgrims because they ALL voluntarily agreed to obide by and follow this act of cruelty to animals if even on a psychic level?  Check with your local farm bureau for your states law that you are residing in.  Plus the local farm office here has invited any consumer to join as a member which has several membership benefits including various types of insurance to get group rates for you and your pet (VPI) .  Membership pricing is by county, state so you'll need to ask as it's not on their website.  Not to mention the farmer or food manufacturer of your favorite food has some of the best recipe's to use their product..  Plus this is another place to advertise your business and create sales opportunities for your business, this fits so well with edna's Petlane artois , you can place your product order at http://www.Petlane.com/Artois or give a call-info on the contact page on this mysite.  This is something Petlane Corp keeps an eye on because our holistic pet food is human grade and we want all our products to be healthy, nutritious and fun for your favorite pet, animal employee or companion without any worries at a reasonable price, plus this makes selling Petlane's exclusive line of products easier along with those of others that pass muster.  Oh, boy, sorry I guess I got a little sidetracked but this is ESPECIALLY important around here and a peeve of mine since I could crawl just about and this can affect your family pet (or it's people) in it's health I think (maybe if only dulling a pets personality).  It is perfectly acceptable to make a polite calm descrete inquirey before purchasing at your local market, eatery or any food related place.  It is not acceptable to charge extra for cleanliness or abiding by this law, yes I'm sure some have tried in the past - NO GO.  As of 2000 there is also a sexual assault domestic violence law that was put into law regarding this in Calif.  Great news, the Dec. 2010 new food safety law will aide in prevention of this in growing and the processing of all foods what is not already covered in current agricultural laws which protect all animals specifically!!!!. 

May 25, 2010: edna's Petlane Artois just issued press release No. 1 , did you see it in your local home town newspaper? Oh-small baby bluejay eating at kitty TV outside office window right now, first one this year.  Check your letters to the editor and classified areas too.  

The unusually cool weather with a few sprinkles has been a treat around here.  Right (thurs.) now it's actually pouring ( found out, actually snowed in higher elevations-wow)!  I called local news station to find out if this is a record quantity of rain this late in the year being just before memorial (thank you military service members) day weekend?  This whole month has been interesting.  Saw a private company heliocopter with a paint job I'm not familiar with taking a look at the water canal behind my house, was hoovering  (checking for wear & tear or maybe taking pictures?) like a hummingbird then continued on up north following the canal.  Within a week after that I was standing on my front door step talking to two salesmen about things in general, the economy and Petlane of course when around the corner a very long stretch white hummer with dark windows (very nevada) came slowly cruising by the house.  Too early for graduation so must have been a wedding, mariachi band or entertainment arriving for local county fairs or casino events.  All unusaul or rare occurances around here at least.    


I'll need to get another biz card holder for the business cards, calling cards and slips of paper I'll be collecting with Petlane's A,B,C lead and business contact generator program.  I may even make a small binder using Petlane's cutomer care card forms (maybe I'll use lots of colour).  I've been telling any sales person who calls /rings doorbell trying to sell me their product or service that I'm a Petlane advisor, this gives me the conversational lead-in needed.  This is being received well.  Sales are sales,  lots in common in business in general.   You could have more than one type of Scavenger Hunt/Eye Spy game/list going at once and get the entire house helping out.  Not just one for items, but a name first or last for each letter of the alphabet - business and personal...so many ways to use this fabulous resource tool.  Petlane packs and travels well, so a new twist to an old road trip game since it's summer break time.  Will work great for around town, neighborhood, telephone or phone mail.  Even a wrong number can be an opportunity to share Petlane . 

May is a busy month around here for horse people.  With the national Triple Crown derbies, stakes, races;  two local rodeo's and one a little further north of here there's much going on.  The kicking off of the equestrian games.  With all the additional surrounding events and the starting of the ag. planting season everyone is coming and going with longer work hours. 

Keeping up with Tara's blog at http://www.Petlane.com/Artois  and leaving comments at times.  Did you read the one about the crunch, crunch, crunch in the night;  Artificial sweetner xylitol can be harmful (along with some other plants & human foods) to pets; What if your pet cannot or won't eat Petlane's pet foods, some recommendations for a short list at the main website store?.   

Have you ever had your pet give you a hug?  I have - lots!! There is ABSOLUTELY NO reproduction intent existing !! I have had more than one dog on more than one occasion on it's own accord  show affection with a hug.  In a quiet moment they pressed their head gently into my check.  The first time it always suprised me.  One of my own personal dogs of the past used to do this regularly and give more than one hug at a time, while another it was a hug every so often, showing the difference in personalities.  I know others that have said that their horses and birds have shown affection this way, so I think other types of animals can too.  Alpaca's are well known for their curiosity and dolphins for intelligence.  YES, animals feel pain, sense their human companions moods, have thinking capabilities,  moods, dietary needs, likes & dislikes, or distinct personalities.   Petlane fits right in as a way of life for me, maybe this is why I consider myself a petparent for decades and have petkidz.  As I look and think back , I guess they taught and showed me.Smile   

Glad we could assist..and glad I took a CPR class that included canine CPR.  Thank goodness it wasn't even close to needing that.  I was sitting at the computer, then heard one of the neighbor dogs making a strange whining bark.  Looked out back and well a big dog in a pretty small space-almost comical.  He calmed right down when I spoke to him, clear he couldn't get out on his own.  I began making calls to the owners to ask permission to enter the property.  The neighbor dog got stuck under his own deck after living there for over 7 years ?  After determining he wasn't hurt in any way, just unable to crawl out on his own as he kept trying to stand up only to hit his back on the support joist under the deck, then laying down again.   Shoveling out a small trench like hole to give more space. A young person at home sure knew what her family dog likes.  A cookie didn't coax him out, but seeing his leash and a promise of a walk did the trick.  Why he went under there after all these years for the first time, only he knows.  Bet we looked a sight, laying on the grass talking to a dog.     

Front page news: Glenn county now has a exotic bird sanctuary.  Michael, a retired vietnam veteran who has always been a sort of animal whisperer with a special place in his heart for birds.  With a long time local favorite veterinarian on board, the birds will be able to begin to heal spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically in time. edna's Petlane artois will be adding them to our basket filled with names to receive care packages filled with great Petlane items to help in the process while attempting to relieve a little bit of the financial pressure.  As this endeavor is being done on Michaels own fixed income, we are very glad to help when we can.  So stop by his website http://www.TheBirdWhisperer.org  to see all the great things he's doing for our local community and of course the birds at his sanctuary, we'd love to hear your feedback too!  We also have a farm sanctuary here locally too, I'm sure you've heard about it, as it's been around for some time.  

Been busy doing computer diagnostic, compression & defragmentation -  kind of like an oil change and tire rotation. Did a minor upgrade and things are picking up speed and flowing better.  Saw a newsbite brief that the internet wires themselves are overloading, freezing up or kicking you off completely at times due to multiple gadgets being used at once by soooo many people.  There are so many electronic gadgets, unlimited computer apps. (software applications-programs, games,, music, etc.) with limited wires and wireless lines.  So check with your service provider or IT person. This part of the information highway (internet) reminds me a freeway traffic jamm & pile up and of the old radio frequency outtage, or power output capability of years gone by.  Ham radio operation is becoming popular again, never lost popularity around here or in most flat land areas.  

Don't forget your pets birthday or during the holidays, they really enjoy a new toy or treat.  edna's PetlaneArtois has a start up business anniversary coming soon, do you?  What a great reason to have a get together or show appreciation for your loyal customers in some small way. 

Like the others it's /petlaneArtois . If you're there look us up, thanks.  Seems like each social networking site is a different channel so to speak so you will reach different types of people.  So now we're advertising on the top 3 channels and a few more. 

Seems some people are not so pleased having a pet named after them.  I have trouble naming my petkidz, but after some ruminating I have come up with a solution for myself.  If my next petkidz doesn't already have a good name and renaming an older pet is not always easy or best.  Since petkidz in my house are to be cared for, protected and  "the spice of life" I will be using the seasoning, spice & baking ailse for inspiration.  Or maybe after places you've visited or want to visit 

Working on Tara's latest question.  Results = 0 unusual places, 3 ringtones, 1 dream just about Petlane specifically .  A great contest at a Petlane get together. 

Whole neighborhood has been out mowing their lawns past week or so. Wondering how bad the flea season will be. Fleas start in your lawn or yard area, then carried in by pets, domestic cats more than dogs from what I've read.  Flowers have started to bloom already.  I managed to get an ouch - way worse than any minor hangnail fracture...thought I was going to loose some mobility in an extremity at first, but getting better, didn't even notice the twisted ankle pain. 

A great advertising tool that's been available for over a year now. Personalized postage stamps! Real US postage.  I'm looking for the just right picture to use. 

Look what I found! How lucky I was to come across this - Veterinarians Without Borders Http://www.vwb-vsf.org. , thank you Canada! 

Finally, edna's petlane is on facebook too!.  You can find us at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PetlaneArtois .  Of course not sure what all we will do with it, but have our spot all picked out.  I think I linked it to this website and our twitter page announced just below in brown. Working on this one, it's a maze out there.  It's there but need to be logged in and use one word.  You can try a search of course, we are on several search engines now - don't get confused with other advisors...right now this is the only "artois" of petlane..  We are a fan of petlane corp plus having our own page too.  The internet in general is starting to look like a platter of spaghetti & meatballs swimming in chunky thick marinara sauce and sprinkled with parmesan cheese all over the top....whew, making me hungry.  Yes, I put up a personal page as well (move it or loose it , as msn preps for interactive smartTV social netork cable combination- now PetlaneArtois.wordpress.com 10-14-10).  From what I've seen from other business advertising in the last few weeks that almost all businesses are creating a facebook page, a standard advertising location.  A bit like a yellow page advertisement of yester-year.  I still rely on my local phone book as a valuable resource tool.. 

 edna's petlane has joined the ranks again.  You can find us on Twitter as petlaneArtois ., Http://www.Twitter.com/petlaneArtois .   A great and inexpensive way to advertise your business and let your current customers and potential customers know the latest scoop.  The abbreviations can be confusing sometimes and won't replace a good descriptive soapbox, but a short sentence or two might help.  Twitter has been available long enough that the bugs have been mostly worked out.  But we're being carefull so expect changes all around. Seems all the colors I'm using here is slowing down this program, maybe some maintenance and an upgrade would help, then again maybe not?  Much better now see more on grapevine and above.


We all know how great Best Friends animal sanctuary is ( http://www.BestFriends.org  in Kanub Utah, has great medical & rehabilitation programs for any animal or a forever home at BFAS or at your house) and so are their neighbors!!  See everything going on  at http://www.healingHEARTsanctuary.org .  They too are rescuing animals, many are injured and disabled with the hopes of finding them good homes, but some will be permanent residents.  What makes this sanctuary extra special?  Part of the healing and rehabilitation involves spending time with children who are emotionally, mentally or physically challenged themselves...this is a big  win-win place.  edna's petlane couldn't help but to make sure they got one of our complimentary care packages .

Have you read about the new legislation currently in the House of Representatives sponsored by Thaddeus McCotter and the ASPCA?  They are asking for a tax deduction for qualifying pet care and veterinary expenses up to $3,500 per year.  This is coming about due to the current economy to prevent pets from continueing to ending up on the streets or in overburdened shelters.  This  is the Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years act.  So please contact your congressional representative (might start at http://www.congress.org for contact info) to be involved in your community and help with bill number  H.R.-3501  (H.A.P.P.Y. act).  Maybe we can include pet health

UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Oh my Picasso (or Rembrandt maybe)....Over half (about 2yrs worth of work) and the best part of this section of this mysite has been stolen by computer gremlins!!!!  Pooper Scoopers! Snooze you loose I guess, had some really good stuff too.  Have to search around and see if I can find the notes and copies I've got.  Theft hasn't affect the store.  But did you hear??  Seems there's been Petlane imposter's happening, see up top under Corporate news.  Now I just have a Monet to continue with.